How to Transition from Digital Marketing to Product Management


Thanks to Rich and Cody, I landed 12+ PM interviews a week and ultimately, landed 2+ job offers by the time my job hunting process was over.

Why did you Want to Get Into Product Management?

I started off in digital marketing and found out about product management. I had no idea that industry existed and once I found out about it, wanted to be in it because it touches everything I’m interested in: design, tech, psychology, and conversions. I thought about the path to getting there, and at the same time, released a mobile game. I started to apply to PM roles, but was having trouble making it past the final round, and then heard about Product Gym.

How did Product Gym Help you get Past the Final Round Interviews?

By the time I got to the final round interviews, I was very burnt out. Product Gym provided me a very good atmosphere for being around a lot of very ambitious, smart and driven people and being around that atmosphere, having that solidarity, was very helpful. I was questioning myself; my self-confidence was shaken when it came to the final round. I think what Product Gym really helped me in the final rounds was hammering the product management concepts that I already knew all along, but just wasn’t answering correctly during the interviews.

What did you Find Most Helpful About Coaching with Product Gym?

Just to touch upon again, the atmosphere was very helpful in developing friendships with people that I still talk to. Rich and Cody are great; they’re always available and very insightful. I always appreciate the conversations I had with them because I feel like I always walk away with a nugget of information. The courses were great as well; I was able to listen to other instructors and members and their best practices were always very good. Some of the instructors are just fantastic, such as Jimmy, who I can just listen to talk forever. So, just the combination of all of those factors made Product Gym very special.

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