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My Fourth Week at Product Gym (Podcast)

James, who has been with Product Gym for four weeks checks in with us. He’s currently generating on-site interviews, on Week 4, just by following our Process at Product Gym. James went from not being able to generate, let alone pass, round 1 interviews, to round 3 and round 4 interviews. We discuss some tactics on how to approach the

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How to Win the WeWork Case Study Podcast with 40 Launch Founder

 Recently, one of our students was presented with a case study from WeWork after a Round 2 interview with the hiring manager. When we first received this case study, we knew that we needed to ask for additional information to complete the case study and find out what WeWork really wants from this. In the attached document you will

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My Third Week at Product Gym

I’M GOING TO TELL YOU HOW TO GET BETTER AT INTERVIEWING If you feel stuck or that your interviewing skills might not be up to par, we describe in depth everything you need to do in order to improve these skills and be successful. Soon enough, you’ll be a pro at interviewing and ready to land that Product Manager job

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