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How to Influence Teams without Authority by Shutterstock Director of Product

As a Product Manager from a non-technical background, gaining the trust of your technical team can seem like a challenge. In this interview with Andrew Jaico, Director of Product at Shutterstock, we discuss the technical literacy and having general people skills, like actively listening, having patience, and learning, that are important when it comes to helping you create influence without authority. Definitions of Product Management Product Gym:  What is your definition of Product Management? Andrew Jaico:  For

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Questions to Ask the Interviewee to Know if this is the Best Company for You to Be a Product Manager

There is a legitimate reason why you are looking for another position right now. It really comes down to a lack of fulfillment you feel towards your current job. Job hunting can be exhausting enough and if you are not careful, you just might end up in another toxic work environment or worse. You have to look out for yourself for your best interest since nobody

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The 7 Most Common Product Design Interview Questions

  Today, Rodhmir Labadie, a Product Manager at 40 Launch, shows us how to answer the 7 most common design questions that are asked in a Product Manager Interview. Click the links below to jump to Rodhmir’s answers! What is your definition of Product Management? What tools and/or processes do you use for Product Management? How do you create, maintain

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How to Transition to a Head of Product Job with Urbint Head of Product

How to Transition to a Head of Product Job by Urbint Head of Product

What does it take to transition to a Head of Product position after serving years in the trenches as a Product Manager? Product Management is already a role in short supply. Those who are in the industry understand that there will always be more developers than there are Product Managers in the marketplace. A company can have as many as

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How to Know If You are Right for Product Management Podcast with BetterCloud PM (Podcast)

Product Management is the hottest position in the industry right now. People are always asking us here at Product Gym how to tell if Product Management is right for them. In this Podcast, Nkem Nwankwo, a Senior Product Manager at BetterCloud, discusses with us what it really takes to be a Product Manager. Highlights include: Why Product Management? Day-To-Day Responsibilities

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How to Get a Product Manager Job for the First Time Part 1

In this 5-Part Series, we are going to take an in-depth look at what’s stopping the companies you are interviewing with from making an offer to you. In essence, we are going to help introduce and settle you in on your way into a Product Manager job. Whether or not you are an aspiring or experienced Product Manager, one of

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Important Product Management Skills to Develop by BetterCloud PM

The Most Important Product Management Skills to Develop by BetterCloud PM

There is a common misconception in Product Management that one needs a technical background or an M.B.A. to be a successful Product Manager. We sat down with Nkem Nwankwo, Senior Product Manager at BetterCloud, to discuss these misconceptions while also taking a look at improving agility. Product Gym: You have such a diverse background, so what is your definition of

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