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The Product Management Interview Blog

How to Transition to Product Management from Consulting by CB Insights Product Director

4 min read We sat down with Luxi Huang, who worked at EY and Goldman Sachs and is now a Director of Product at CB Insights, to discuss her transition into Product Management, and the skills carried over from finance which she found to be most useful. We also distinguish Product Management from Product Marketing. Product Gym: What is your definition of Product Management? Luxi Huang: Product Manager is the steward of the product, who owns the product end-to-end success – from the idea through creation to ultimately the product’s launch and subsequent iterations. Product Gym: What

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How to Communicate with Data Scientists Podcast by Former Arthena Data Scientist

2 min read Computer Science has been developing as a field in a rapid pace over the last decades. And even now, over 70 years from the invention of the computer, the number of computer science jobs far exceeds the number of computer scientists. This is especially true for the role of data scientists. As computers start invading more and more of our daily lives, it has been made

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