3 Reasons Why You Never Stop Interviewing After the Offer Video

You just got the offer from the company of your dreams and you are already envisioning how awesome life is going to be at your new job. 

Your Future Employer Might (very small chance) Backs Out

This rarely happens, but the fact of the matter is; it still does. There are many factors beyond your control that can play an impact on whether or not you start this position. Somebody from another team could suddenly quit and the budget this company has allocated to hire you goes to a more urgent role. Another employee may resign and in order to keep this person happy, the company decides to make an internal hire. An aggressive recruiter cold calls your new boss and pitches a candidate that is more qualified than you are.

You Receive a Better Offer

This is a phenomenal problem to have. You got a better job than your dream job. Let’s face it how many times have you been a sold a job, just to find out from your new coworkers that it’s not the job you were hired to do. You have to put yourself first! All it takes is one more interview for you to have a much better offer. This is also when you will be interviewing at your very best because you are not emotionally attached to the result of this offer. You are okay either way, so why not take some time to explore what’s out there?

Put Yourself First

The moral of the story is we have all been lied to before by people that have employed us, unintentionally, intentionally, and/or otherwise. Your time, not your word should be your primary concern. You are most likely going to work here for the 13 months and that is the time you can never get back regardless of how much you come in contact with in the future. Do the RIGHT thing for you! Nobody wants to believe that this would happen to them, but it absolutely can. So don’t be a statistic.

There is a reason why you decided to look for another job. Let’s do our best to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

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