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How to Transition to Product Management as a Lawyer with Google PM

Product Gym: Do you enjoy being a Lawyer or a Product Manager more? Blake Reese: Product Manager! Of course, I loved learning the law and practicing it. As a lawyer, I could solve people’s problems to make their lives better. As a Product Manager, I get to solve problems to make people’s lives better by working with really smart engineers to actually build things. The building aspect is what being a lawyer lacked. Product Gym: I know you transitioned into Google and you were a Counsel for

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How to Preempt Change in a New Product Management Career by Amazon PM

In this article, we spoke with Vivek Garg the Director, Product Management Audible from Amazon to understand more about how to effectively deal with change. Apparently, the best strategy is the exercise preemption. Product Gym: Every single time you moved around in your career, how were you able to deal with change on the job? Vivek: What I started realizing was that these changes were helping me learn and grow the most. Over a period of time, I

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How to Determine if Product Management is the Right Career Choice by Google PM

By far one of the most frequently asked questions we receive each month is, “How do I know if Product Management is for me? How do I know this is the right path for me?” We sat down with Shobhit Chugh, a Google Product Manager based in Boston, to bring you guys realistic insight on Product Management and how he approaches this question. Product Gym: How long

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