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The Product Management Interview Blog

TOP Questions You Need to Focus On For Your Next Product Management Interview

3 min read Product Management is a relatively new industry that doesn’t have established definition as the software itself is relatively new. Especially Business and Consumer facing software for individuals that do not come from an engineering background. Thus the questions that come up are going to be broad facing, with no defined, textbook answer. The questions, however, ARE quite textbook. Specifically, the question

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How to Deal with Questions Regarding Sponsorship Podcast

< 1 min read In this Podcast, we explore interview questions particularly the ones which put you on the spot and how best to approach them. As a Product Manager in a small company, you would be required to put on multiple hats if needed and one of them may be trying to sell your product to your customer. Tune in to get some

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How to Be More Confident on Product Manager Interviews Video

2 min read After conducting a survey in one of our classes, it became extremely clear that most people place confidence challenges in front of themselves.  They build these mental barriers that are fear based. You need to remove these mental barriers that are stopping you from landing a job because, in most cases, there is the only reason(s) holding you back. Product

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4 Important Topics to Be Covered in the Second Round Interview

3 min read Second round interview calls are usually with the Director of Product Management, who is the manager in control of the company’s product teams and will likely be your boss if you do get hired. Here at Product Gym, we have given you questions that most second round interviews will cover.  It’s important that people prep for these second round interviews differently than other round interviews.  Each round or type of interview should be handled or approached

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The Most Important Questions to Ask for Successful PM Interviews

3 min read During a Product Management job interview, it is important for applicants to be prepared.   Equally important to ask questions to the interviewer/recruiter that they are conversing with.  Many people would think the primary reason for having a job interview may be for the interviewer/recruiter to get a better sense of the applicant’s capabilities of doing the job that they are applying and interviewing for. However, the job interview also serves as a purpose for the applicant to ask questions.  Applicants can ask questions about topics that

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3 Essential Topics to Cover in the Product Management Interview

4 min read In an interview with an internal recruiter, it’s important to be sharp and smart in your answers to their questions.  There will be some topics that will be critical for you and/or the interviewer to determine if you are right for the job and worthy of being hired.  Those topics are critical for interviewers and companies to paint a description based on their perspective of you as the applicant. These questions and topics will often be very personal and are going to

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How to Prepare for a Product Management Interview, Part 1

2 min read This blog series is for product managers who are in the recruiting and hiring cycle, working with recruitment agencies, working with product management recruiters and anyone looking to hone the interview skills needed for product management. HOW DO I PREPARE FOR A PRODUCT MANAGEMENT INTERVIEW? The first round call with the internal product management recruiter will operate much like a checklist. They are going to ask you to talk about yourself, how you transitioned into product management or

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