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How to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Design Questions with 40 Launch PM 2

This is the second part of a 3-part series called “How to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Design Questions with 40 Launch Product Manager,” where we have a Product Manager from 40 Launch, Rodhmir Labadie, that specializes in design answer questions that are common in design-focused Product Manager interviews.  The first part of this series can be accessed here. Click

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Questions to Ask the Interviewee to Know if this is the Best Company for You to Be a Product Manager

There is a legitimate reason why you are looking for another position right now. It really comes down to a lack of fulfillment you feel towards your current job. Job hunting can be exhausting enough and if you are not careful, you just might end up in another toxic work environment or worse. You have to look out for yourself for your best interest since nobody

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The 7 Most Common Product Design Interview Questions

  Today, Rodhmir Labadie, a Product Manager at 40 Launch, shows us how to answer the 7 most common design questions that are asked in a Product Manager Interview. Click the links below to jump to Rodhmir’s answers! What is your definition of Product Management? What tools and/or processes do you use for Product Management? How do you create, maintain

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How to Solve a Product Manager Case Study in 4 Simple Steps

Product Management is situational and contextual. No product development lifecycle is going to be seamlessly executed every single time for every single product. Similarly, during the interview process, the same answer for similar questions will not always be correct. These answers change based on who is asking and context behind the questions they are asking – specifically, for the case

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Podcast: Job Hunting Strategies for Product Management

Job Hunting Strategies that Actually Work to get a Product Manager Role with Senior Product Manager, ListenFirst (Podcast)

In this podcast, Rich, founder of Product Gym, speaks to Arkady Sokolov, Senior Product Manager for Analytics and Intelligence at ListenFirst, the industry’s leading and most comprehensive social analytics platform. Arkady was a former student of Product Gym and speaks to how he was able to successfully navigate our program to make his career transition into Product Management. We also

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