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How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset for More Product Manager Offers

If there is one thing that we promote in all of our events, classes, and blogs, it is the fact that success in landing a product manager offer (or any offer honestly) comes when you increase the number of your applications. The more you apply, the more you get interviews. The more you interview, the closer you get to an offer. Therefore, before you start your transition journey, you should train your mind to adopt an abundance mindset.

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How to Garner Multiple Product Manager Offers in 2020

During our “Job Hunting” webinars every week, we get at least one comment about how people can barely land a couple of PM interviews in a month. So, it is common to see people surprised when we tell them that they can land multiple PM offers, let alone call-backs from the recruiters for an initial screen. But what does Product Gym do so differently to help its members land multiple PM offers, given that people can’t even get more than a few round one interviews? This week, you’ll learn everything you need to know to own the PM job-hunting game.

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How to Close More Product Manager Offers

You are going on tons of interviews and you make it to the final round every time. The problem and pain you are experiencing are you are not getting the offer. When you reach back out to the recruiter and hiring team, you are not rejected from the process. Yet, they will not extend the offer. What is going on?

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3 Reasons Why You Never Stop Interviewing After the Offer Video

You just got the offer from the company of your dreams and you are already envisioning how awesome life is going to be at your new job.  Your Future Employer Might (very small chance) Backs Out This rarely happens, but the fact of the matter is; it still does. There are many factors beyond your control that can play an

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How to Negotiate the Best Product Manager Offer for You Podcast

As we always tell our members, it is crucial that one plays the numbers game when applying/negotiating for Product Management roles. More offers create more options! Once you have a number of offers on the table, the next step is to navigate through each of them to decide which one is best for you. Suppose you really want to work at one company but you feel like you are

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