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The Product Management Interview Blog

Why Is It so Hard to Get a Product Manager Job

2 min read Job hunting for a Product Manager job is hard and takes a lot of work and some luck. So many skills are required to be a good Product Manager and it is also a leadership position. You are in charge of multiple teams that are developing a product. The requirements for the job are huge and it is heavily reliant on the amount of experience that one has.

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The Different Types of Product Roadmaps

2 min read When it comes to being a Product Manager, understanding the fundamentals and basis of the job is of utmost importance. Such an example of a basis element of being a Product Manager is the successful leading of a company towards the production of their product(s). However, in order to accomplish…

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What Are My Chances of Landing a Product Manager Job Right Now?

4 min read Why do you want to be a Product Manager? The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ don’t matter if you don’t have a strong WHY. Your why is going to keep you intact while you ride the emotional roller coaster of facing countless rejections. You will get rejected. This is a part of the process and there is nothing (and I mean nothing) that you can do about it. Don’t expect to achieve anything by risking nothing.

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How to Transition to a Head of Product Job by Urbint Head of Product

6 min read What does it take to transition to a Head of Product position after serving years in the trenches as a Product Manager? Product Management is already a role in short supply. Those who are in the industry understand that there will always be more developers than there are Product Managers in the marketplace. A company can have as many as

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