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How to Transition to Product Management as a Founder by BCG Digital Ventures PM

3 min read A lot of founders move to Product because it’s that collaborative cross-disciplinary skills you have to influence people to make decisions, gets input from stakeholders, and then if needed service that tiebreaker. This speaks a lot to the challenges of being a founder; it’s about listening and learning as much as you can about each domain to develop a better understanding, so you can prioritize while making everyone happy.  We talk to Muhammad Saigol, currently, a Senior Product Management

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How to Transition to Product Management as a Lawyer with Google PM

4 min read Product Gym: Do you enjoy being a Lawyer or a Product Manager more? Blake Reese: Product Manager! Of course, I loved learning the law and practicing it. As a lawyer, I could solve people’s problems to make their lives better. As a Product Manager, I get to solve problems to make people’s lives better by working with really smart engineers to actually build things. The building aspect is what being a lawyer lacked. Product Gym: I know you transitioned into Google and you were a Counsel for

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How to Transition from Wall Street to Product Management

19 min read Want to transition from finance to Product? We sit down with Larry Lowe, a successful Product Gym alumni, who just landed the highest offer of any member in our classes. Larry successfully transitioned from a 20+ year career on Wall Street to a Product Management job. Product Gym: All right. This is Rich, founder of Product Gym, joined by my

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How to Transition to Product Management as a Developer by Stash PM

3 min read If Product Management is a potential career that you are seeking as a Software Engineer, you should keep yourself open to the opportunities that may arise around you. Make sure you can identify business opportunities, as well as coordinate with stakeholders to figure out what their core goal is for the product in a long-term, technical perspective. Product Gym:  What’s your definition of Product Management? Nicholas Monje: In short, I tell engineers what to build. What I mean by that is the legwork of gathering requirements,

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How to Transition to Product Management as a Business Analyst by Vimeo PM

4 min read The Business Analyst position has been known to many as corporate’s version of Product Management. Vimeo’s Product Manager Ashley Chen advises people who wish to transition into Product Management to start gaining experience in the field through working at a startup.  From there, they can learn skills and develop a wide range of knowledge in many areas that would make them a very effective Product Manager. Product Gym: Since Product Management has been

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How to Transition to Product Management from Strategy by Zocdoc PM

4 min read Product Managers tend to be people who can’t decide who they want to be when they grow up. But at the end of the day, Product Managers are generalists, and they really exceed in the role because they are curious about such a variety of things. You should have a go-getter attitude, be empathetic, and be able to maintain and build that credibility with your teams is your power.  We talked to Carol Skordas Walport,

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How to Transition from Finance to Product Management with Shutterstock PM

5 min read Product Gym: You spent a little over 6 years in finance as a wealth planner, when did you hear about Product or Product Management as a job? Corey Zettler: While I was enjoying working as a wealth planner, it always felt like there was still something missing in terms of my everyday life. I was doing it, but I wasn’t happy. I have a very close friend, who is also my

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