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How to Write the Best Product Manager Resume

The one thing everybody hates about job hunting is writing and revamping their resume. If you were given a chance, you know that you can do the job, so why spend so much time on your resume? The truth is, your resume is the only thing that recruiters and hiring managers can use to evaluate  your professional background. Therefore, it

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How to Increase Your Visibility to Product Manager Recruiters

If you are like me, then you are a big fan of the path to least resistance. There are only going to be so many positions you can apply to. In fact, more than 80% of Product Manager positions are NOT posted on job boards. If 80% of product manager positions are not posted on job boards, then how do

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How to Secure More Product Management Interviews, Part 1

What many people do is try to apply to one position at a time and they try to customize their cover letter and resume. This is not the right strategy because when you’re trying to do that, you’re spending too much time on one application that recruiters may or may not even read – unless that you have a background that actually matches one-to-one with the job description, the company, and the

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How to Generate More PM Interviews with Recruiters

Applicants all have the common problem of not generating enough interviews to their liking.  They send out many resumes and applications to many companies but only hear back from a few, if they are very fortunate.  It is therefore not that surprising to hear then that the most drastic cut off in the process of cutting down the original applicant pool happens before the initial interview ever happens. How do applicants then increase

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