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The Product Management Interview Blog

Best Practices for Product Managers

2 min read Being a Product Manager is not easy with all the heavy responsibilities on your shoulders. It is important to stay on your toes and up to date on knowledge. You will always have to educate yourself on new skills and habits.

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How to Hold a Meaningful Meeting

2 min read Meetings are a powerful method of communicating with the team in order to discuss ideas and issues. But why does it seem like nothing much is getting done in most of the meetings you attend? Why does it feel more like a waste of time when you can be doing actual work? That’s because you have not had a meaningful meeting yet. Sometimes meetings take too long and a lot of time is wasted doing a whole bunch of nothing. Or some people start falling asleep during a meeting because their mind starts wandering. So how do we prevent all of this from happening? To fix this you just need to form some very basic and simple habits before each meeting. You might do some of these already but do you always do it?

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How to Obtain Customer Feedback

< 1 min read Why is the product being made? What is the purpose of the product that you and your team are making? The end result of any product is to be used by a consumer. Since the end result of a product is to end up in the hands of a customer, their opinion on the product matters. A customer can spot a small oversight or flaw in the product, or provide a new point of view that can help improve the product.

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Design Basics for Product Managers

3 min read A Product Manager plays a universally fundamental role in the implementation of a Product, from the beginning of the life cycle to the end release of the product. This includes designing the Product and collaborating with various teams to work on optimizing the final aesthetics of it, and to make the product pleasing – whether that be visually or mechanically. This would include working with the engineering and development teams, the sales teams (in terms of how to reputably garner recognition for the product and make the sales process aesthetically pleasing), and the UX Designer(s). 

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Tips to Making a Great Roadmap

2 min read Crafting a great and agile roadmap can be a difficult task for most Product Managers. Those who can create amazing roadmaps are definitely amongst the best of the best in terms of Product Management. This part of the series will provide general tips on crafting a well-thought out roadmap.

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How to Create the Perfect Roadmap

2 min read When venturing into the field of Product Management, it is imperative to understand the integrity and concept of the field that you’re going into. Understanding Product Management is a full-on guide devised by Product Gym to help you gain a better understanding of what Product Management is, what Product Managers do, and all other information that you’d ever need to truly understand the functionality of the Product Manager position.

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