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How to Get into Product Management as a Recent College Graduate

Many students may be aspiring Product Managers. However, getting into Product Manager is difficult right after college, as it requires so many different skills and juggling between them, from business to technical skills. It’s tough trying to get into a Product Management Role right out of college. Especially with the competitive environment for the role. Colleges do not offer courses that directly teach product management which only makes it harder to learn more about. So what students or grads usually have to do if they want to work as a product manager is to take the first step themselves.

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How to Get a Product Manager Job Without the Right Background

This is a question we hear a lot about here at Product Gym, “Rich, I really want to be a Product Manager, I know that I can do the job, and I feel this is where my career should go next, but I don’t have the right background.” I am always very curious as to, well; what is the right background? What background do you believe you need to have in order to have this job? If that is not the background you possess, then why are you trying to be a Product Manager? Its something that is very painful to see, countless number of individuals that sell themselves short, and for what? For a job that they don’t find inspiring?

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Podcast: How to Recover from a Rescinded Offer

It is very sad when a situation arises that a company decides to rescind an offer from an applicant or tells an applicant that they “are moving on toward other candidates.” The applicant has obviously put a lot of effort into interviewing for a position in the company and may have really looked forward towards working there. However, the offer

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How to Influence Teams without Authority by Shutterstock Director of Product

As a Product Manager from a non-technical background, gaining the trust of your technical team can seem like a challenge. In this interview with Andrew Jaico, Director of Product at Shutterstock, we discuss the technical literacy and having general people skills, like actively listening, having patience, and learning, that are important when it comes to helping you create influence without authority. Definitions of Product Management Product Gym:  What is your definition of Product Management? Andrew Jaico:  For

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How to Transition to a Head of Product Job with Urbint Head of Product

How to Transition to a Head of Product Job by Urbint Head of Product

What does it take to transition to a Head of Product position after serving years in the trenches as a Product Manager? Product Management is already a role in short supply. Those who are in the industry understand that there will always be more developers than there are Product Managers in the marketplace. A company can have as many as

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