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How to Scale Your Organization with Technology

Problem Innovation is not the biggest challenge for product managers and Founders.  Rather, the problem lies in scaling their time. A new message on Slack, that distracting email alert,  or the client that drops by the office, unannounced! – distractions are aplenty.  There is no shortage of distractions that a product manager faces. When you look back at all the

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A Day in the Life of a Product Manager with Etsy PM

Product Managers possess very diverse workdays from each other.  They also have diverse workdays in that there are so much different tasks to be completed during a day’s work.  Product Managers also possess very diverse backgrounds, as their careers rarely encompass just one company and their interests vary outside of Product Management.  Today we talked with Varsha Venugopal, a Product Manager at Etsy to discuss what her career interests are and how she

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