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How to Be More Confident on Product Manager Interviews Video

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After conducting a survey in one of our classes, it became extremely clear that most people place confidence challenges in front of themselves.  They build these mental barriers that are fear based. You need to remove these mental barriers that are stopping you from landing a job because, in most cases, there is the only reason(s) holding you back.   Product Managers can suffer from a problem called Imposter Syndrome.  That in part is derived from the fact that as Product Managers, you have to be a generalist – being at least conversational in tech/engineering, sales/marketing specific fields.  You start telling yourself, I’m not good enough because I lack this or that. However, “THAT” doesn’t matter. Stop focusing on your self-doubt and the negative aspects.  During your job applying process, you may start to suffer from imposter syndrome as well. You may think you are not the right fit for a certain job because you lack a certain technical skill or don’t have an MBA and how can you compete against those that do?  You may have even fluffed up your resume a bit and now are feeling self-conscious. Do not let your lack of experience hold you back. The solution is to start interviewing! You have to start the process because that is the only way to build up your confidence.   The issue here is to overcome your lack of confidence. Start conducting phone screening (first round interviews) in other cities.   Starting this process outside of your target location will remove all the stakes of failure but, in turn, provide you with a real interview process.  The mock interview process does not work. Why do real boxers spare before a fight? Because a punching bag can’t fight back. Building product management interviewing skills is like building any other skills.  If you trying to learn another language, the best thing to do is immerse yourself with other speakers of that language. Do yourself a favor, engage. Start facing your fear by interviewing in other cities and build up your confidence. Please schedule a call today or RSVP for our next event to see how Product Gym can help you land your next Product Manager job.

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