How to Craft Your Story As a Process Engineer

How you present yourself in the Product Manager interview matters more than you think! The way you craft your story and introduce yourself to the interviewer is more significant than the number of years of experience you have or the skills you have developed throughout your career.

In today’s article, we will be focusing on a particular group of people who come from the Process Engineering background. However, the tips we will be giving are valid for many, if not all, prospective Product Managers.

Evgenia, a Product Gym member, who didn’t only complete the Product Gym program but also worked as a mentor to help others transition successfully will lead the discussion.

If you haven’t already watched her first video, make sure you watch it as she explains to us how she leveraged her Process Engineer background to get a job in Product Management.

If you don’t know already, many Product Managers come from non-PM backgrounds and careers (nearly 80%!). It happens to many as a surprise as people assume that a career in Product Management requires years of experience.

Many people fail to craft a good story because they fail in being confident and believing in one’s self. Product Manager experience doesn’t necessarily come with the title; it comes with the quality of work we do.

Evgenia also points out another flawed point of view: people think you have to have rolled out a great and complete product to be able to introduce yourself as a Product Manager.

She explains how she refuted this belief by talking about how she improved processes and monitored and prioritized KPIs in her Product Manager interviews, which impressed the interviewers to help her land multiple Product Manager interviews.

According to her, the most crucial part of the Product Manager interview is the “Tell me about yourself” question. This is the golden opportunity to showcase your experience and frame your story.

You have to use quite a few words to impress the interviewers and prove to them that you know what you are talking about.

Evgenia’s favorite words are product, customer feedback, and KPIs. She would try to use these words while explaining her past projects to prove the interviewers that she can think and function like a Product Manager.

There is no doubt that not all job requirements could be satisfied with one’s professional background. When that’s the case, Evgenia will use the phrase, “If I were in that kind of role, I would do XYZ.”

It’s essential to show the interviewer that you thought about how you would work with the conditions and requirements they are laying out for you, even if you don’t have the experience.

Looking at how Evgenia speaks about her previous career in Process Engineering, it’s crystal clear that the two disciplines have a lot in common. It’s all about refusing to be discouraged by the apparent difference in titles and going beyond by thinking about how day-to-day and long-term goals of the two professions intersect.

This article is a part of our interview series with Evgenia, where we dive deep into transitioning from Process Engineering to Product Management. You can find the full interview here and the related content in the same playlist.

If you need professional help with branding and interviewing, we are here! Schedule a free consultation with us today to find out if Product Gym is the best option for you.

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