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How to Create the Perfect Roadmap

When venturing into the field of Product Management, it is imperative to understand the integrity and concept of the field that you’re going into. Understanding Product Management is a full-on guide devised by Product Gym to help you gain a better understanding of what Product Management is, what Product Managers do, and all other information that you’d ever need to truly understand the functionality of the Product Manager position.
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To be able to get a grasp of a product management job, your first goal would be to fully understand what the job entails, and what to expect when you take your first step into the world of Product Managers. One of the biggest, and most fundamental aspects of being a Product Manager is creating a roadmap for your teams. Here are key fundamentals for creating a great Product Roadmap.

Customer Optimization

Remember with a product roadmap, you want to prioritize all of the ideas from the perspective of the consumer. The entire purpose of a product is to engage it with the customers. If there is no optimization for customer engagement within the product, it’ll quickly become irrelevant to the consumer populace. In order to achieve this, be sure you receive customer inputs and feedback, and take all of these pieces of information into account with producing a Product Roadmap.

Gain a Multitude of Sources and Feedback for the Product

The Product Manager may be the one in charge of creating the entirety of the Product Roadmap, but that doesn’t translate to working on the fundamentals and layout of the roadmap alone. To create a successful and great Product Roadmap, the product manager should engage with the other departments, and key stakeholders of the product. This is to secure a better understanding of the needs and capabilities available, as well as provide a better overview of the roadmap as a whole. Some key persons and departments to ask include:

  • Customers / Consumers
  • Engineering Department
  • Sales and Marketing Department
  • Partners

Focus on High-Level Priorities

When establishing a Product Roadmap, time will be limited. You should be able to recognize which issues are of the utmost importance, and react in relation to that. You should tackle the high-level issues and priorities first, instead of attempting to mitigate it or dealing with it later on in the plan. For example, if an issue was derived and is going to be an obstacle in your path, you should deal with it sooner, rather than later. This creates for less stress later on, and a lower chance for immediate issues down the road.


Product Management is a difficult and stressful role, but incredibly important to a company. There are many stakes to hold when it comes to Product Management, with one of them being the creation of a Product Roadmap for the team. You are solely responsible for constructing a good roadmap and laying out the foundations for the future of your company’s direction.

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