How to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset for More Product Manager Offers

Abundance Mindset

We all have gone through this feeling after not moving onto the next round of interviews:

The interview absolutely sucked.

Stop everything you are doing right now and calm down. Unfortunately, we are all so obsessed with seeing the result of our efforts that most of the time, we forget about the challenges that we should be prepared to face to achieve the results we want. You should always remember that everything you get good at begins with a time when you were terrible at it, and interviewing is no exception to that by any means.

If this was a job you wanted, you are going to feel it. You are going to feel that disappointment rip right through you, it’s going to suck, and that is okay. You need to work through whatever it is you need to work through. Permit yourself to feel disappointed. It is best to feel everything so that you know why this matters to you so much and why you should stay strong and resilient to achieve what you want.

We know that this is easier said than done. Over the past few years, we had numerous members who had to adopt this mindset under extreme conditions, one of them being unemployed while interviewing. Check out our support guide to learn more about the proven tactics to help you cope with stress and pressure

Get Mental and Emotional Leverage Over What You Are Saying to Yourself

You are your own harshest critic because you care. Therefore, you are competitive. You have to be if you are in Product Management. That is where self-awareness becomes very necessary. You need to be able to articulate what you are saying to yourself mentally, which is causing you to not feel at your fighting best.

However, being your harshest critic also comes in with the risk of getting too emotional about your failures. It ultimately gets in the way of applying to more positions. Don’t know if you are too sensitive? Here’s a list of common things that our members tell us when they are feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. If you find yourself saying the same things, then yes, you’re emotional to the degree that it is getting in your way of cultivating an abundance mindset.

When you start getting this emotional, some of the things you might start saying to yourself is:

  • I really wanted to work there…
  • There is never going to be another place like that…
  • I am wasting my time.
  • I am running out of time.
  • This is NOT working.
  • I hate interviewing!
  • These people are messed up!
  • Why am I doing this???
  • I am just not good enough…

All of those are fine to say, but one thing you should keep in mind is: Just Don’t Quit! And if you’re saying these over and over again, you’re more likely to quit.

In life as in business, you are always only a few fleeting moments from winning, just like in the story, Three Feet from Gold.

Be a champion. A champion is out there to get ready to prove everyone wrong. Be the person that just when everyone thought they saw you at your worst, they are about to see you at your best!

You want to learn more about how champions remain focused and land the best product manager offers in the shortest amount of time? Check out this video where we identify what makes our successful members the best!

Stay Connected

People seeking jobs must understand the importance of having an abundance mindset. You need to realize that there a lot more job openings out there rather than the few that you probably selectively handpicked because you envision yourself working there. Understand that you have a greater chance of succeeding if you don’t corral yourself into a job hunt bubble — cherry-picking companies to apply to is a bad strategy in itself and goes against the idea of having an abundance mindset. The abundance mindset has to be connected with having abundant opportunities to succeed!

While you may be applying to companies indiscriminately, you will most likely receive more rejected applications or even, not receive any replies. Don’t worry; this happens with regularity to people seeking a highly, exclusive job in a very competitive job market like that of New York. In baseball, a batter fails, on average, 75% of the time that he is at the plate. In comparison, job hunting may require an even lower failure rate at getting offers. The key personality trait that every job applicant should have is being thick-skinned; getting rejected repeatedly will hurt in the short-term, but you will forget about it once you get the job that you wanted for all this time.

Are you having a tough time between juggling a full-time career and interviewing for your dream job? Well, most of our members are going through the same challenge, which taught us the ways to stay focused during busy times. Check out this video guide to learn more and subscribe to our YouTube channel today to stay up-to-date with our latest releases!

Do The Work

Cultivating an abundance mindset means nothing if you don’t put in the work to get the Product Manager offer. Revamp your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and prepare your elevator pitch. Get yourself ready for the most commonly asked interview questions. Don’t know where to start? Please don’t waste your time and get started with our proven guides right now:

How To Write the Best Product Manager Resume

How To Answer Every Product Manager Interview Question

5 Simple Steps for Product Management Job Hunting in 2020

How to Market Yourself As The Ultimate Product Manager

The Last Product Manager Interview List You’ll Ever Need

Support Group

One of the most important things one can have is a positive support group that is there for you whenever necessary. You need people in your corner cheering for you that understand what you are going through because they are either riding the same roller coaster you are right now or have already done it. Through this mutual sharing of emotions, are you then able to clear your mind and conscience and be positively encouraged to keep on applying even if you keep on getting rejected?

That is where we come in! As Product Gym, we have understood the importance of building a supportive community where everyone is going through job hunting together. Schedule a call with us today to find out how you can be a part of this community!

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