How to Garner Multiple Product Manager Offers in 2020

Change Your Mindset

As we observed from more than 3000 consultations, the biggest obstacle between many people and their PM offers is their mindset (like most of the challenges we face in life). Reading job descriptions, looking for the number of years of experience required, or fearing to have yet another rejection, many people stop applying to new jobs. We can tell you with confidence that those requirements you see in job postings mean NOTHING. Nobody actually cares about the fact that you have experience in SQL or you worked for x number of years, but the job requires y number of years. Those requirements were written by the company’s HR team, who don’t know much about the position themselves. If you look closer, you will see that many job postings are, in fact, pretty similar to each other. That is because most companies don’t even bother to write complete job descriptions on their own and decide to take what’s already on the Internet.

Here’s a fun read to change your mindset NOW!

As for facing rejections, that’s how life goes. Yes, you can always make your pitch more exciting or try to be more engaging in conversations, but just because you had a couple of rejections, it doesn’t mean that you are bad at interviewing, and you’ll get stuck at your current job forever. Like everything else, interviewing is a sport that requires a lot of practice, and until you become comfortable interviewing, you’ll face quite a few rejections.

Want more motivation after your recent rejection? Read this blog to keep your spirits high!

You might think that you’re having it rough just because you got rejected from an interview that went really well (at least that’s what you thought). There are many people out there who have to go through this challenge without a job. If you’re in this group, make sure you take a look at this article to stay strong and positive during tough times!


Now that we changed your mindset about applying let’s focus on keeping it consistent with applying to jobs. If you have been to any of our events or read any of our guides, you’ll know that we firmly believe in the numbers game. To land more interviews, you’ll need to apply to as many jobs as possible. Just because the title is called a senior and you only have 2 years of experience or the position is in Chicago, but you’re located in NYC, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t apply. You should apply to any and every opportunity at first to land more interviews. As we emphasized before, only with more interviews will you be able to get better and ultimately land an offer.

What about keeping our application consistent and daily? As Product Gym, we make members motivate each other by sharing the number of positions they applied to every day to stay pumped up. Without consistency, you’ll not get anywhere. Make sure you apply to at least 30 jobs daily to land a minimum of two interviews every week.

Applying to 30 positions in a single day might seem challenging or even impossible if you are working full-time. However, with Product Gym’s proven method, members, even with demanding jobs, were able to apply to 60 openings a day! Schedule a call with us or join one of our webinars to find out how!

Here is the only article you need to understand how the application at scale approach works!

ONE Resume For All

We cannot repeat this enough! You have to have a single resume to apply everywhere. You don’t have time to write a separate resume for every opening. If you are aiming to apply to 60 positions a day, you cannot waste time rewriting your resume a couple of times every day! Be smart, read our blog, and write an effective resume and a cover letter that would be sufficient for any PM job out there.

Some of you might think that it’s impossible but we got the secret recipe. Read our ultimate resume guide to get started with your champion resume!

Interview, Interview and Interview

Practice is everything. There is no such thing as being a good interviewer, and so you need to get used to talking to recruiters and marketing yourself as the ultimate product manager. You need to train yourself to prepare for an interview in a limited amount of time, learn how to answer some of the common interview questions by having an impressive answer written down beforehand and preparing a one-minute elevator pitch.

Here’s everything you need to know to market yourself as the ultimate product manager: How to Market Yourself as the Ultimate Product Manager

Don’t know what questions interviewers ask these days? Don’t walk (or dial) into another interview without having answers to these questions!

One last major warning from us: mock interviews DON’T prepare you for the real interviews. You can only prepare for an actual interview with another interview. You have to condition your brain to overcome the weirdness and anxiety that comes with selling yourself to a complete stranger. Mock interviews, unfortunately, don’t have that component. You cannot train your brain to feel as tense with a friend as on a phone call with an interviewer. It’s not possible. So, grow up, suck it up and apply to as many places as possible to get some interview practice.


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