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How to Get Feedback from a Recruiter

If you’ve interviewed before, chances are you may have had a chat with a recruiter. If not a recruiter, then someone else from the company that you applied for. Whichever may be the case, not getting the job can be demoralizing. However, don’t take it as a negative experience, but more as one with an ample amount of possibility for growth. You should always take the time and ask your recruiter, or whoever you've interviewed with: “Can I get some feedback on my interview?”
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Remember to be reasonable with your recruiter, and to not blatantly show signs of rudeness towards any of their comments. Your recruiter is:

  • Potentially going to have an uncomfortable discussion with you, if they’re forced to discuss any negatives that went on during the interview.
  • Legally taking a risk with open discussions with you.
  • Taking time out of their schedules to have a discussion with you, a person who they’re not hiring.

Firstly, after the interview process and you hear back from the company, direct a Thank You to the interviewer, either through an email or a phone call. Express your gratitude for their time and considerations without being overly aggressive. Give your interviewer, or recruiter the option of giving you feedback; put it in the nicest way you can. Something similar to: “I’d love to hear any feedback you may have for me and my interviewing skills. They’d certainly help me with my next interview.” Be sure you ask for feedback directly, instead of subtly hinting at the want of getting some advice and tips. Don’t say something along the lines of “I thought my interview went really well. I don’t know what I did wrong.” Of course, the key is to balance out a sense of passive-aggressiveness, and get advice without overwhelming the interviewer or recruiter, or placing them in an uncomfortable position. 

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