How to Land a Dream Job in Product Management, Part 3 (Why Product Gym?)

In Part 3 of this series “How to Land a Dream Job in Product Management”, we pit some of these so-called “Product” bootcamps against Product Gym and the science behind how Product Gym actually helps you land the job

Other Bootcamps vs. Product Gym

We put in 20 students, and we did six classes this year. And we put in a minimum of 20 students per cohort. And then the summertime we definitely had a lot more. When I started at Product School on December 12, 2016.  I think the word Product, and Management was like, probably like three bucks on AdWords. By the time I left them in November 2017, like almost a year later, it went up to like, seven per click. That becomes a war of attrition, because GA was getting ready to get bought out by Deco for $400 million and change, that just means they’re just dropping a lot of money. And then the other major bootcamp that, at some point are going to clash heads with Flatiron school. They got purchased by WeWork, who has nothing but money. So they’re driving all these AdWords like how to transition and stuff, they’re driving the cost way up. So all the boot camps that cannot compete are going to just start dropping. And this is why I noticed Product School has started taking a hit. And I said, okay, if we want to compete with Adwords, we’re gonna die. I come from a history background, I really see life is just, you know, series of warfare.

I said, if we go to work here hard, well we first targeted Product School and General Assembly alumni, because we deem that those people were going to be the people that wanted this most. What ended up happening was, it was a race. The faster we helped people land jobs (and this was the original plan that we had), people come to me, and they said, dude, I’ve already been out four grand and you’re basically asking me for this money now. People tell me that I can’t be different from the others, but they knew I knew what I was talking about by the way I spoke about the process. So I said, I can accept a $1500 dollar down payment, but you must furnish the remaining at the end of it. And that made people a lot more comfortable and come on board. So, how we were able to capture that market was people started noticing that their classmates from Product School were landing jobs and they were wondering how these people were getting jobs, because the chief people that we deal with here is sales and marketing, finance and consultants. So once we started captured that market fast, we started asking for full payments.

We Simply Help our Students Land Jobs

You see a well and alive success story, right, of someone that you went to class with for eight weeks. So the first class we had about 22 people and then the next classroom wrapped up, it was like, pretty close to 40. And then we just started running with it hard. And the other thing that made us very different was a lot of SEO agencies wanted to pitch us, but I didn’t want to pay for any of them, because I didn’t have faith that they could deliver. So I started doing a lot of coaching calls throughout the week, to make sure people were on top of applications and on top of interviews.

We started recording all those coaching calls and I would send it to a transcriber, and they became content, so we were dropping every coaching call I did for 45 minutes, so we were dropping 10 blogs per week. And I said, if you guys are asking me these questions in those exact words, chances are you guys are typing in those exact questions when you guys are searching for Google and Quora and Reddit.. So I said, let’s just run it like that. And that’s what we started doing. And then, you know, the time that I was able to go out there and coach you guys and make sure you guys are being taken care of, we were able to also take care of the content side without having to hire a series of writers and pay SEO agencies to get ripped off. So that worked out, then boom, we started getting a digital marketing presence. It’s cool you’re passionate about what you’re doing. You can’t be a founder if you’re not passionate, in my opinion. I guess so you said you’re coming to San Francisco, for Product Management, right?

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