How to Land a Dream Job in Product Management, Part 1 (Applications & Interviewing)

We talk to Ben, an aspiring Product Manager from the Bay Area trying to break into his first Product role. Our founder, Rich, discusses the challenges to landing your first role in Product, informs us how bootcamps such as Product School and General Assembly will never land you a role in Product and gives us the best question you can ask a hiring manager in a Product Manager interview. This is part 1 of a multi part series which will equip you with the information needed to go out there and land that first Product role.

At Product Gym, we focus on revamping your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter. Let’s solve the application problems so we can gain quantity. Once you have the interviews coming in, you’re going to start feeling a lot more confident because you’re not wondering where when the next interview is coming from. You have abundance in your life, right? The interviews are coming in. So, you’re doing these interviews in cities that you don’t care for, whether it be Boston, Denver, or Austin, all of those places, right? And you’re coming in as this guy from the Bay Area and they’re going to be so excited to talk to people from the Bay Area and New York because you have somebody that’s gonna come from a big city that wants to move over there.

Interviewing OUTSIDE of your location & building small wins

There’s some kind of value there. I mean, how agile and how cutting edge and new tech you think they’re doing things in Denver or Boulder, Colorado? It’s just not there yet. So you get that and then you should look at it in terms of momentum. Momentum is going out there and building a series of small wins, so we can get you very confident because once you’re doing round two and round threes in these places like Salt Lake City as it gives you a lot of insight into the process. This is because once you start interviewing for the two largest cities in the country, it becomes a lot less forgivable because it’s so competitive. I’m pretty sure when you were starting your business, and then when you guys passed a certain threshold, you guys probably started seeing a lot more vendors cold call you guys to pitch services. And honestly when being pitched, I know don’t know what kind of value I get. I typically get called up by 20 digital marketing agencies before lunch every single day. Especially since we crossed our one year anniversary, it only went up and I was like, this is what Product Management has become for a lot of these people.

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