How to Land the Right Product Manager Job with Self-Hypnosis

One of the reasons why you have not achieved your goal is because there is a disconnect between the goal (what you want) and your inner reality (the way you feel inside). Please do not disregard how much your attitude plays a role in your ability to land your dream Product Manager job. This is very real. At least 50% of the questions we get here at Product Gym are all at its core related to confidence. This is just some of the feedback we hear on a weekly basis:

I have very little confidence during the interview

  • Rambling

  • Need more confidence in my backstory

  • Tremendous Self-doubt

  • Focusing on the negative aspects

  • How to communicate to recruiters without feeling eager, annoying, desperate

  • My experience is not good enough

  • Imposter syndrome

Not having the right background or experience

  • B2B background

  • Not enough experience

Not enough Interview Practice

  • Not obtaining enough practice interviews

  • Discerning pain points

  • Answering the onsites

  • Mock interviews, that sounds good, that doesn’t sound good

  • Are we answering them correctly

  • Terminology

  • How do I translate my experience into Product Manager role 

  • Lack of experience leads to a lack of confidence

  • Don’t come from management background

  • Complete embellishment

  • Lied on resume 

  • What do I know about agile methodologies?

  • How to communicate my past experience for these experiences that I don’t have

  • How the competitive the market is competing against MBA grads 

  • Not enough case study interview practice 

How to Deal with Difficult Interviewers? 

  • Freezing when not prepared

  • Esp during on-site

  • Discomfort

  • How to deal with shady interviewers

  • Enforce structure where there is none in the interview

  • Not having feedback 

  • Difficult interviews 

  • Twist into pretzel

  • B2B product manager one day and then B2C next

  • Why can’t I be the way I am
  • Sometimes you just walk into the interview 

  • No inclinations to hire

  • Interviewer is tired

  • Starting in the negative

  • Looking for specific skills you don’t have

  • Don’t like being put on the spot

  • Technical session, case session; no opportunity to take charge

  • Looking for an answer you don’t hit it and that’s it

How to Pitch Myself? 

  • Based on what they want

  • It is so unclear, pitch yourself as that guy

  • More tech, more business

  • Not knowing what I don’t know

What if this Job is the Wrong Industry or Product for Me?

  • What if an offer on a product I don’t’ like, not a sexy product

  • Finding an industry you want to be in

How do I Answer the Sponsorship Questions?

  • Honest or not

How to Interview for a Product Manager Job when You are not a Native Speaker

  • An obstacle

  • Fail to communicate that is expected as a product manager 

  • Business culture in the US compared to Europe

All of these thoughts are the core of how you view yourself and what you are saying to yourself. You have to fix that nasty conversation that you are having in your head FIRST! Your outer reality is a reflection of your internal reality. If you do not see yourself as somebody that can obtain this goal, whatever that may be, even if you do everything right; you will fail. This is because eventually you will be pulled back to your self-image (how you see yourself).

You need to readjust this hypothesis. Most people think their external reality dictates their internal reality. If these things happen then I will feel better or I will be happy. If things go well, then internally we are going to feel well and vice versa. The truth is the contrary. It is your internal reality that affects your outer reality.

What is the RIGHT Product Manager Job for You?

When we hear people talking about their dream job here at Product Gym, this usually refers to what they believe is the right job for them. So what is the RIGHT job? We find that most people consciously or subconsciously are trying to meet many of the needs we can find of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. 

What Are Your Goals?

You want this job to:

  • Meet your food, water, and shelter needs, since most of us live in expensive cities
  • Meet your Security needs, you need to work at a stable company
  • Meet your Community needs, you want to work with smart, fun, and cool people
  • Meet your Self-esteem needs, you want to work on exciting Products
  • Meet your Self-Actualization needs, you want to make an impact

What Are You Telling Yourself?

  • What are your thoughts on a daily basis regarding this goal?
  • What are the thoughts in your head?
  • You need to have enough self-awareness to know because your thoughts will influence how you feel, that will influence what you do, that will influence your reality. These thoughts create a story and that story will control who you are and what you will become.

Develop Abundance and Gratitude by Acting As If

  • Start living as if you have already achieved your goal.
  • Record a self-hypnosis script and play it to yourself before you fall asleep.
  • It can last between 20 to 25 minutes of just intense relaxation to sleep better.
  • During the end of the scripted practice intense visualization.
  • Visualize the person you want to become
  • Go and walk into that image
  • You need to have an abundance.
  • You need to have a massive amount of gratitude as if you have already achieved your goal. The way to effect positive change is to have a goal of what you want, have a clear idea of what you want, and then feel the emotions as if you already have it. When your goals align with your inner self then that’s when positive things happen.
  • Start a self-hypnosis routine.
  • Bad things happen when your inner self is not aligned with your goals.
  • Your inner reality determines your outer reality.
  • Be very careful the type of thoughts you have on a daily basis. Be extraordinary careful about the story you tell yourself. Especially when you ego comes up.
  • Listen to the Power of Now 20 to 30 minutes a day this allows you to gain the muscle of disconnecting from thoughts.
  • Observe your thoughts first and then you can disconnect yourself from the ineffective thoughts and stories you tell yourself.
  • Be very cognizant and self-aware of the stories that you tell yourself.

We all get into a state of telling and repeating stories that we know hold us back. Then we wonder why do we keep getting this result, its because that is our inner reality. We have to change it. If you want to achieve a goal that you don’t already have, you have to be a different person. The takeaway here is to leave in this state; because beyond landing the Product Manager job of your dreams thinking this way just isn’t healthy.

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