How to Obtain Customer Feedback

Why is the product being made? What is the purpose of the product that you and your team are making? The end result of any product is to be used by a consumer. Since the end result of a product is to end up in the hands of a customer, their opinion on the product matters. A customer can spot a small oversight or flaw in the product, or provide a new point of view that can help improve the product.
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However, getting feedback is hard since the customer has to go out of their way to test out the product and explain their experiences with it. Also, sometimes the feedback that is required of them involves some of their private information, which will make them more hesitant to give feedback. So, the first step is getting your customers to respond back to you. 

To get a good response rate, the customers need to know that they are actually being heard and they’re not just throwing rocks into a bottomless pool. There might also need to be an incentive for them to answer your survey, such as actually seeing their feedback being put onto the product. You have to be there with them while they are on their user journey. Just being there when they have an issue is the standard, but continuously getting feedback at certain points of their journey might get more responses and information.

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When the customer gives feedback, it’s best not to just leave it on seen or give an automated response. Customers are not so blind that they can’t see that they have been ignored or pushed aside. Giving a custom response or showing actual results will let them know that they are being heard. 

Customer feedback is a valuable resource, but it is only valuable if it is given willingly. It can be hard to get customers to open up, but engaging in the right way will get you the information you need.

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