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How to Pitch Yourself as the Right Product Manager Video

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The truth that is hard to face is that pitching yourself is HARD! Why? Its because you never learned how to sell yourself or maybe you have never been in the position where you had to sell something. In our studies here at Product Gym, we find that the members who experience the most success often come from sales or client facing roles. This is because they have either extensive training and exposure to pitching themselves.

Not All Pitches Are Created Equal

The point of a pitch is to sell yourself, but people often do not enjoy being sold to. Please do not make the mistake of piling a ton of information about your background and expect the person on the other side of the line to just listen intently. You need to pair your background with what they want and what they see in you. The best way to do that is to ASK! 

Thank you so much for scheduling the call with me, before we get started… what was it about my background that stood out to you so much it prompted you to schedule a call with me?

Your intention here is simple. YOU KNOW WHY YOU APPLIED! You have no clue as to why they decided to call you back. If you cannot put two and two together, you will lose their interest.

How many resumes did you sift through before landing on mine?

In this Video, Rich the Founder of Product Gym will highlight the necessary steps for you to take to refine your pitch.

Please schedule a call today or RSVP for our next event to see how Product Gym can help you land your next Product Manager job.

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