How to Think Like a Product Manager in Reviewing Gazeify by Grubhub PM

Product Manager: Anthony Rudeen, Product Manager at Grubhub

This product review is part of Product Gym’s blog series for practicing Product Managers to share their thoughts on recently launched or beta software products. The goal of this series is to expose Product Gym members, and professionals looking to transition into Product Management, to how a Product Manager thinks when they evaluate software products.

What are your initial thoughts when you arrive at the Home Page?

As I’m looking at it [Gazeify], something that I like is that it’s very straightforward. At an immediate glance I know exactly what this is for- an eye-tracker for mobile apps.

Something else I would hypothesize is that the entire goal of this header is the email region given that the email signup is so prominent. That said, I feel like they’re asking the info from you very abruptly.

I don’t have a ton of additional info about what Gazeify is, what exactly what it can do for me, how it works, how I would integrate with it, etc.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a huge deal. I’d hypothesize that a typical user who happened to come across this either came from marketing so they already exhibit some intent to convert. I would say that if I am someone that came across this in a more organic fashion, I’d want more information before giving out my personal information.

Continue down the page and let me know your thoughts:

I’m focused on the hero image. Now that I scroll, I see how it works. I think having this info for the user on the initial screen without scrolling- How it works– is a priority and a needed piece of information for most users. For any user coming in, you want to convert them into a user. You need to bring them along the purchase path.

So I’m now aware that Gazeify can meet my needs. And now I’m beginning to understand the info to assess how good Gazeify is compared to other eye tracking kits for my mobile app.

Assuming I was already looking for something like this, I’ve already done some comparison shopping. I understand the ease of use, being able to integrate with it quickly, and potentially obtaining the customer’s permission- if we need to track their gaze I suppose.

Who do you think is the ideal user?

The user is a business customer– someone who has a need to understand what people are doing with their app, more specifically what they’re looking at. This would be particularly important for experiences or products that rely heavily on imagery and are less focused on things that you would read. This is not a service a consumer is trying to take advantage of but rather someone who needs to understand how their users are using their app and being able to collect data on what they’re looking at to inform some decision making.

What would you have to see to purchase this product? Gazeify for Grubhub?

The 2 primary pieces I would be looking at is beginning to understand what it’s going to get me specifically with hard data and how much I’m willing to pay for that info.

I want to see what the web dashboard looks like. I want to get the type of metrics it provides me. It’s very possible that the info it provides is not useful to me or something I already get or have access to. The data it can provide me is what I care about most

If I’ve determined that I need it, my immediate next step is to look at pricing. What am I’m going to get for the price I am paying? I would personally pay a particularly close attention to any sort of limiting factors, like factors limited by cost. I probably don’t necessarily have a huge need for 24/7 customer support or data analysis.

After price I would say, it comes to things like ease of use, ease of integration, ability to customize. Any software your licensing or on a monthly subscription, especially for data and data collection/analysis, you cannot expect that it is going to be perfect for your needs out of the box. Having the ability to customize with what’s there or modify in some fashion is typically something I’d care about.

Any other thoughts on

“Number of recordings per month” is very interesting because it is tough to make decisions on limited data sets particularly when I have a ton of users. If I only get 150 recording sessions per month and I have several million monthly active users in my app, the data I get from this would be directional at best. It’s not something I would put my weight behind. I would suspect that that’s why they put “professional tier” so low because this tier with X much more can get me unlimited social recorders, which 500 may be sufficient for me.

However, if I have a ton of users and I want to use this data to make real product decisions with, having a few data points for me is certainly a concern.

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