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Misconceptions of Product Managers

Product Management has become a popular title as of late, and major companies are all hiring for PMs. However, Product Management is not an academic route that you can embark on throughout your college years. To understand Product Management is to learn from others who are already Product Managers. In this mini-series, we'll discuss common misconceptions and enquiries that people may have in regards to Product Management.
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Starting off, the first wrong idea about Product Management is that Product Managers are the sole idea generators for a product. There is an entire team assembled to work on and create a product. The role of a Product Manager in this team is to organize and filter the ideas for the product. They have to keep the team on track, as well as keep their vision(s) for the product.

Another misconception about Product Management that most people have is that Product Managers need technical experience. This is NOT true. It would help to have some technical knowledge, but it is not mandatory en route towards Product Management.

You don’t need years of experience to be a Product Manager. There are multiple ways to become a Product Manager.

  1. Be promoted internally to become a PM.
  2. Gather experience from projects and slowly work your way to landing a job.
  3. Take a specialized Product Management course and land a job through that experience.

You also don’t need an MBA to be a Product Manager. It helps to have one but it is not required to land a Product Management job.

A Product Manager can come from a number of backgrounds. Check out our other blogs on how people from different backgrounds transitioned to Product Management.

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