Product Gym FAQs | How Do Product Managers Do Wireframing for Products?

Many people have questions pertaining to Product Management, specifically those in regards to how a Product Manager would conduct their day to day business. One of the more frequent questions asked here at Product Gym would be:

How do Product Managers do wireframing for Products?

We had a couple of our instructors, who are also Product Managers for a wide variety of companies, answer this question. 

Instructor A

“I like paper prototyping and Balsamiq for the speed of execution. I have worked on both Product and UX teams as designer at many levels, but ideally, I like to empower the Product Designers I work with to own the execution of prototypes, and look for ways to enable an organic prototyping discipline utilizing a fork of the official design system when adding features to production software.”

Instructor B

“I start with simple sketches and then progress to use InVision to demonstrate a good visual representation. This way, the stakeholders are more familiar with the expectation of the user flow. I have learned to include the designers as early into the process as possible.”

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