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How to Get Feedback from a Recruiter

If you’ve interviewed before, chances are you may have had a chat with a recruiter. If not a recruiter, then someone else from the company that you applied for. Whichever may be the case, not getting the job can be demoralizing. However, don’t take it as a negative experience, but more as one with an ample amount of possibility for growth. You should always take the time and ask your recruiter, or whoever you’ve interviewed with: “Can I get some feedback on my interview?”

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How to Get a Product Manager Job Without the Right Background

This is a question we hear a lot about here at Product Gym, “Rich, I really want to be a Product Manager, I know that I can do the job, and I feel this is where my career should go next, but I don’t have the right background.” I am always very curious as to, well; what is the right background? What background do you believe you need to have in order to have this job? If that is not the background you possess, then why are you trying to be a Product Manager? Its something that is very painful to see, countless number of individuals that sell themselves short, and for what? For a job that they don’t find inspiring?

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