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Misconceptions of Product Managers

< 1 min read Product Management has become a popular title as of late, and major companies are all hiring for PMs. However, Product Management is not an academic route that you can embark on throughout your college years. To understand Product Management is to learn from others who are already Product Managers. In this mini-series, we’ll discuss common misconceptions and enquiries that people may have in regards to Product Management.

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Product Manager vs. Brand Manager

< 1 min read The title Product Manager can differ from company to company, and often overlaps with other roles. In this mini-series, Product Manager vs. Other Roles, we will discuss how the role of a Product Manager compares to different roles. This time we will talk about Product Managers in comparison with Brand Managers.

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Why Product Management

2 min read A Product Manager is responsible for the development of a product or service. They are responsible from the starting idea of a product all the way to the launch of it. They come into contact and lead cross-functional teams from different departments in an organization. Whether the product or service will be successful on its launch will depend on the strategies and decisions that the Product Manager makes.

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