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how to be a great product manager

How to Be a Great Product Manager

Being a great Product Manager is as tough, if not many times tougher than breaking into product management. Certainly, there are many great distinct qualities that set an effective Product Manager apart from his/her peers. During our classes, events and even when speaking with our members, we are always asked this question: “How can I become a great Product Manager?”

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Design Basics for Product Managers

A Product Manager plays a universally fundamental role in the implementation of a Product, from the beginning of the life cycle to the end release of the product. This includes designing the Product and collaborating with various teams to work on optimizing the final aesthetics of it, and to make the product pleasing – whether that be visually or mechanically. This would include working with the engineering and development teams, the sales teams (in terms of how to reputably garner recognition for the product and make the sales process aesthetically pleasing), and the UX Designer(s). 

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