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How to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Design Questions with TuneCore PM 2

In this section of the 3-part series of “How to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Design Questions with TuneCore Product Manager”, we will dive deep into some of the most common design-focused questions asked during the product manager interview. Rodhmir Labadie, one of our UX design instructors and a Product Manager at TuneCore will be leading this discussion with his answers and insights.

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Why Product Managers Stay in the Industry by Yelp PM

Product Management is an exciting field that comes with many challenges. We sat down with Quy Le, a Product Manager at Yelp, to talk about what motivates Product Managers to stay in the game, as well as important skills to have and develop. Click on these links to jump to the question you are most curious about What is your

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How to Dress for a Product Manager Interview

Dressing appropriately for any job is important.  It would obviously be weird and inappropriate for an employee to wear jeans and a T-shirt in a law firm or investment bank.  Usually a company will tell you if they expect you to dress in a particular way when you get hired (or if they “tell” you subliminally – look around).  However,

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Job Hunting Strategies that Actually Work to get a Product Manager Role with Senior Product Manager, ListenFirst (Podcast)

In this podcast, Rich, founder of Product Gym, speaks to Arkady Sokolov, Senior Product Manager for Analytics and Intelligence at ListenFirst, the industry’s leading and most comprehensive social analytics platform. Arkady was a former member of Product Gym and speaks to how he was able to successfully navigate our program to make his career transition into Product Management. We also

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