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Best Practices for Product Managers

2 min read Being a Product Manager is not easy with all the heavy responsibilities on your shoulders. It is important to stay on your toes and up to date on knowledge. You will always have to educate yourself on new skills and habits.

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What is Product Vision?

< 1 min read When making a product, you always have to figure out the reasons for what the product is being made for. Whatever purpose the product is being made for, that is the vision. It is the arrow pointing you in the direction you need to go.

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Should a Product Manager Know How to Code?

< 1 min read No.

A Product Manager does not NEED to know how to code. A Product Manager is skilled in many things due to having many responsibilities that involve technology, user experience, and business. It is definitely a plus if the Product Manager knows how to code, but it is not required.

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How to Obtain Customer Feedback

< 1 min read Why is the product being made? What is the purpose of the product that you and your team are making? The end result of any product is to be used by a consumer. Since the end result of a product is to end up in the hands of a customer, their opinion on the product matters. A customer can spot a small oversight or flaw in the product, or provide a new point of view that can help improve the product.

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The Most Important Product Management Skills to Develop by BetterCloud PM

4 min read There is a common misconception in Product Management that one needs a technical background or an M.B.A. to be a successful Product Manager. We sat down with Nkem Nwankwo, Senior Product Manager at BetterCloud, to discuss these misconceptions while also taking a look at improving agility. Product Gym: You have such a diverse background, so what is your definition of

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