The Different Types of Product Managers

There are many different types of Product Managers in the world. One of the key features about Product Management is that people from all sorts of backgrounds could enter (and succeed in) product management. There are of course some more general Product Manager types that are much more common than others, which is what will be discussed within this article. Here are 4 types of Product Managers.
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Technical Product Manager (TPM)

The Technical Product Manager most definitely came from a technical background, such as programming or I.T. They can communicate the best with the technical team at the company, as they have the previous experience of being a tech person themselves. They know what tasks should take priority, or be given significantly more attention towards. They know what requirements there are for technical projects, and they know what components are required for each project. 

Analytical Product Manager / Data Science Product Manager (APM)

The Analytical Product Manager is similar to the Technical Product Manager, however, instead of having a developer or programming background, they most likely have a data analytical background. They’re typically the most informed Product Manager within a company, as they handle most of the data, and analytics. They have high authority over business decisions made within the company, with the usage of analytical skills at their disposal. 

Product Marketing Manager (PMM)

The Product Marketing Manager has full knowledge of what the customers want, and what the market wants. They handle the decisions of what to include within a product, and what not to, throughout the duration of a product lifespan. They have the knowledge of what the customers want, what the targeted audience is, and the motivations behind each purchase of a product, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a product, and how to enhance it to drive more sales. 

Visionary Product Manager (VPM)

Visionary Product Managers are the long-term thinkers. Most of the Visionary Product Managers were once founders, or high ranking members of their company. Instead of planning for short-term roadmaps (which you can read more about at our mini-series discussing Product Roadmaps), such as a 3-month strategic plan, they go for 3-years ahead. They’re the ones with a long-term vision in mind, and they’re not afraid of discussing long-term goals and plans, rather than merely focusing on the shorter end of the spectrum.

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