What Do I Do with a Lengthy Application in an Outdated ATS like Workday & Taleo?

Q: What do I do when I’m faced with a lengthy (5+ minutes) application in an outdated ATS like Taleo, Workday, etc.?

Product Gym: If a company is not making it easier for you to apply to them, they don’t care about hiring. If they use Greenhouse, Lever, or Jobvite (to name a few), which make it easy for you to apply, those are the companies you should be submitting applications to. The bigger the company is, the less vested and innovative they are in product management (Ex. JPMorgan, to change a feature you have to email 100 people, that is not Product Management).

Recruiting is a dirty game and you just have to get numbers. Companies right now post vague positions because they don’t know who they are going to hire. They will know it when they see that person. You have to play the numbers game, too.

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