What Does the Coronavirus Mean for Product Manager Job Hunters?

Coronavirus is here, and it's the center of every discussion right now. The world has nearly come to a stop, where people are locked down in their homes, except for doctors and essential workers. During these uncertain times, you might be wondering how your product manager job application is impacted. Check out these five updates to find out!

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Companies Are Still Hiring

If there is one thing we want you to learn from this article, it is the fact that hiring has NOT stopped, and therefore you should use your work from home time wisely to apply more! In fact, many of our members have landed product manager offers in the past couple of weeks. So don’t get sucked into the belief that everything has stopped. Act now, and never stop applying!

You might believe that hiring has stopped due to the slowdown in the economy, but most of the companies carry out their operations remotely. Recruitment is no exception to that! In general, our members work typical jobs where they have to be at the office most of the time, leaving them with minimal opportunity to apply to jobs. Now that most of us are locked down at our homes, what could be a better opportunity to use your time wisely and increase the number of your applications?

On that note, if you want to learn how to apply to more jobs in less time, make sure you read our blog post. If you are wondering what kinds of positions to apply, make sure you take a look at this guide as well.

Apply, Apply, Apply

Now that you know that companies did not stop their hiring, there is no reason for you to stop applying. Keep in mind that even if the economy is slowing down, the only way of beating the odds of getting the job is to apply to more openings! As we emphasized above, make the best use of your work from home time and apply as much as you can!

We know that to be able to apply to jobs, you have to have your product manager resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile ready for the recruiters. Make sure you follow our resume guide to writing the ultimate product manager resume!

Use this time wisely to do more than applying. Follow up with recruiters to see how your applications are going. It’s better than doing nothing!

Following up can be challenging, and we have seen so many questions as to how to frame your follow-ups in the best possible way. Make sure you watch this video before you write your next follow up email.

Phone Screens

If you have read our product manager interview guide, then you should know that the second round of interviews is conducted by the hiring manager or the head of the product through the phone. However, with the current changes in the hiring dynamic, we have been observing more round one phone screens being carried out by the head of product themselves. Recruiters have been passing strong resumes to the head of products directly to accelerate the hiring process.

So make sure that you are ready to get on the phone with the head of the product in the first round instead of the second round. If you need more prep, please read our second-round specific guide to understand what types of questions you should be expecting in the next rounds.

More Time for Case Studies

Many product manager interviews involve a case study, where the candidate is given a take-home assignment and presents his/her work to the product team in the following interview. There is no doubt that case studies take a lot of time, and working from home could help you get some more time to focus on your case study assignments.

Another important note here, companies shuffle around 15-20 case studies to test their candidates. Even if you didn’t qualify for the next round of interviews with the current company you’re interviewing with, you could take your work as a template for your other interviews. Take the extra effort and put as much thought into it as possible.

We know that case studies are very vague and require a lot of work. If you find yourself struggling with a case study assignment, make sure to take a look at our case study video. We also published an article on how to solve a case study with one of our expert instructors!

Onsites Are Through Video Calls

Given the current travel conditions, it is nearly impossible for any company to accommodate an onsite interview. Therefore, any candidate getting to the onsite stage will do a phone call instead. This is very advantageous to the candidates in multiple ways. Instead of arranging all the logistics and taking time off from work, candidates can have as many onsites from the comfort of their homes as possible.

If you need more guidance on dominating your next final round interview, make sure you read our guide!

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