What Is UX?

what is UX

User Experience includes all aspects of human interaction with the products, company, and services provided. UX means quantifying how well a consumer is interacting with the product.

What Do UX Designers Do?

To be a UX Designer is to be a person who is able to fully understand the needs and wants of the product’s users. You should be able to discuss what the consumers want, and how to provide them with it. The UX Designer tends to design the product from the beginning to the end of it, bearing in mind what’s wanted, and needed by the general users.

Firstly, the team would conduct extensive research on who the general audience is. This allows the team and the UX Designer to be able to target that demographic, specifically. 

After they discuss and discover who their target audience is, they’ll create the UI or the User Interface of their product. This might be the homepage of a website, for example. Afterwards comes drafting the ideas and presenting them, as well as wireframing and prototyping.

A UX Designer primarily focuses on all frontal aspects of a product — aspects that the user or customer will be dealing with constantly when introduced to the product. For example, if an agency were to create a website for a client, the UX Designer of the website project would be tasked with the design of the website, as well as all functionalities involving the website. This includes what the client needs, such as a blog section, or how the end-product website would look in terms of aesthetics. 

In general, UX pertains to how much a customer or client enjoys the end product. How easy is it to use or maneuver through the product? How well does the product work? It involves the production of all the key aspects of what makes a great product amazing.

Any Questions?

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