Level up your Product Manager interview prep and answer behavioral, technical, and industry questions with ease.


“Not only was PG worth my entire investment, but it actually does deliver what it promises it will, given you adhere to their protocols and guidelines when it comes to getting a product position (or, at the very least, an offer). I was a bit skeptical at first, seeing that my background is something I wouldn’t necessarily anticipate would transfer to product well, if at all (I worked in the upper echelons of Hollywood/show business), but the fact that I still managed to pull in several interviews (and then some) proves that PG does, in fact, offer a proven, time-tested strategy in breaking into product regardless of your relevant background.

– Vicky Lau

“There simply is no other program like Product Gym with strong resources and coaching for aspiring and experienced product managers. I highly recommend this program for any professional who wants to excel as a top-paid, top performing product manager. Although my biggest challenge with Product Gym was the investment (both financial and of my time spent completing the courses and framework), I would say the reward outweighed the challenge: since joining, I received an offer that has DOUBLED my top compensation from my previous role as a PM at a top financial services firm.”

– Cinneah El-Amin

“I attended the program as they were going remote and I was somewhat hesitant but ultimately followed through with it. Let me tell you the process and willingness to put yourself out there is 90% of the work. The classes they offer were great and really helped me learn what to focus on and where to improve. I can not emphasize this enough…FOLLOW THE PROCESS. It works, and it works VERY well. Within 2 weeks I had landed 2 interviews, as I am writing this review I have completed 19 interviews with 8 more to go next week. These guys & gals will help you change the way you look at the work you have done, and they will help you grow confident in your ability to do the job. So go ahead and give it a shot.”

– Christopher Ford