Career Support

Career Support

All students receive the following career support offered exclusively by Product Gym and staff members.

Exclusive Alumni Network Membership

Get direct access to Product Managers who have successfully gone through our program to share strategies.

Slack Channel Access

Collaborate with your peers and coordinate with Product Gym staff members directly.

Student Portal Access

Access videos, lectures, screen-by-screen walk-throughs, and exclusive blog content just for Students.

Tailored Interview Feedback

Receive 1 on 1 feedback to any or all of the Interviews you want reviewed. Get actionable next steps to improve.

Technical Assignment Assistance

Our Subject Matter Experts and Product Gym staff will give you guided assistance on all your interview assignments.

Salary & Offer Negotiation Support

Over 8+ years of recruiting experience equips Product Gym with the knowledge to get you the best offer possible.

Background & Reference Check Onboarding

Be prepared with who to ask for references, what to say, what questions to ask and how to ask them.

Interview Question and Answer Bank

We've collected over 500+ Product Management Interview questions that will prepare you for any interview.

Product Interview Roadmap

We give you a timeline of when to apply, what to expect on interviews, and how to push recruiters to work on your time.

Product Gym offers private, one-on-one coaching on an exception basis.
The cost and fees for this program are at a premium rate.
If you are interested in these services, please schedule a call with our Admissions.