How to Transition from Operations to Product Management


Because of Product Gym, I landed three offers, and took an offer at a company where I'm able to work on a very impactful product and continue to grow, year after year.

How did you Find Out About Product Gym?

It was actually an organic search. I think I was looking at what a typical PM interview is like and somehow there was only one. So yeah, I just read a random blog post and I was like, alright, I’ll give this thing a shot. And then I called you.

Do you Feel that Product Gym had Adequately Prepared you to do the Job?

Oh, absolutely. I’ve been speaking to some of the mentors when you had that doubt. Maybe you’re not strong in UX design. If you’re speaking to someone within UX design, you have confidence that you can work with someone in UX design, or if haven’t worked with stakeholders before, there’s someone here to talk to you about that.

What did you Find Most Valuable About Product Gym?

The Product Gym community is my favorite part since you know that you’re not going through this process alone. Whereas if you’re home, you’re going at this alone with feedback that maybe you get, or worse, maybe you don’t even get the feedback. Whereas you’re able to see your peers in real time. Get that feedback, help you and grind on the journey together.

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