New York City Events

New York City Events

Headquartered in New York City, Product Gym is proud to host events focused on delivering value to those constantly frustrated by the lack of transparency into this job and application roadmap.

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How to Garner Multiple PM Offers in 6 Weeks

Summer 2019 is about to leave us, but there is still time for you to land the Product Manager job of your dreams. We are going to be going through everyone’s job hunting roadmap and determining what are your main blockers to move forward with the position you know you deserve.

This is an exclusive workshop, where you will get to sit in on one of our actual classes with our Product Gym students. There will be no more than 5 seats being offered.

Main Takeaways:

  • Determining Main Blockers to Securing Position

  • How to Generate More Interviews

  • How to Close for Product Manager Offers

How to Job Hunt for Product Manager Roles - Webinar

Are you feeling pretty down right now applying for Product Manager jobs and never hearing back? Are you doing your best to network, and prepare for interviews, while maintaining your full time job? You are not alone! Job hunting is never fun and can be a very lonely and frustrating journey. This webinar is dedicated to anybody that is struggling to land their next Product Manager role right now.

Please come with your questions ready to go regarding the challenges that you are facing right now. These challenges can include: 

  • Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Cover Letter 

  • Crafting and Perfecting Your Product Management Pitch

  • Case Studies 

  • Offer Negotiations

  • Product Manager Hiring Process

  • Is Product Management Right for You?

This webinar will be hosted by Rich, Co-Founder of Product Gym. 

How to Book 12+ Product Manager Interviews Every Week w/ 3 Veteran PMs

In this workshop, we want to talk about how to book more Product Manager Interviews. We all know job hunting is a numbers game. The more interviews you have, the better your chances are of landing the RIGHT Product Manager job. The problem is most people find themselves stuck on how their resume should look, where they should apply, and managing interviews while working fulltime.

Main Takeaways:

  • Right Buzzwords for Your Product Manager Resume

  • Best Sites to Find Product Manager Roles

  • Managing Job Hunting and a Full-time Position

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Product Manager Job w/ Grubhub PM

Have you been wondering how to land a PM offer without Product or Technology background? Have you tried reaching out to your friends in the industry, but found it difficult to materialize interviews? Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure it out on your own. Instead, come hear it from people who have been where you are and are currently where YOU want to be.

This workshop is dedicated to helping professionals looking to transition into Product Management.

How to Get More Confidence for PM Interviews w/ MediaMath and Xaxis PMs

Confidence is the one trait that every company looks for during the interview. Our data also shows that confidence is the one thing holding almost everyone we talk to about interviewing. Stop scouring the web for more information and come hear from two people that understand this game better than anyone else. Jason himself landed 7+ Product Manager offers.

Main Takeaways:

  • What is Halting Your Confidence?

  • The Secret to Developing More Confidence

  • How to Maintain Your Confidence Level During Rejection

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