San Francisco Events

San Francisco Events

Product Gym is finally making its way the West Coast this year! Unlike many other product management events you will find, our events are focused on delivering value to those constantly frustrated by the lack of transparency into this job and application roadmap.

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How to Craft a Product Manager Resume & LinkedIn for 12+ Interviews a Week

Are you sick and tired of wasting your precious time applying to jobs and never hearing back? To make things worse you are running all around town trying your best to network? This isn’t sustainable. There has got to be a better way to get more Product Manager interviews, after all job hunting at its core is a numbers game. In this meetup, we are going to be taking an in-depth look at what a rockstar Product Manager Resume and LinkedIn Profile needs to look like so you can get past the bots and recruiters for more interviews.

It’s not rocket science, the more interviews you go on, the more confident you become, which ultimately leads to job offers. Stop holding yourself hostage at a toxic or uninspiring work environment and start embracing the endless possibilities that exist here in the Bay Area. There are plenty of companies that would love to hire you, if only you got a chance to speak with them.

In this meetup, we invite not 1; but 3 local Product Managers that used a proven formula to generate more interviews than they could go on. We highly encourage you to come with your resume and questions ready as this will be a highly interactive session.

How to Job Hunt for Product Manager Roles - Webinar

Are you feeling pretty down right now applying for Product Manager jobs and never hearing back? Are you doing your best to network, and prepare for interviews, while maintaining your full time job? You are not alone! Job hunting is never fun and can be a very lonely and frustrating journey. This webinar is dedicated to anybody that is struggling to land their next Product Manager role right now.

Please come with your questions ready to go regarding the challenges that you are facing right now. These challenges can include: 

  • Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Cover Letter 

  • Crafting and Perfecting Your Product Management Pitch

  • Case Studies 

  • Offer Negotiations

  • Product Manager Hiring Process

  • Is Product Management Right for You?

This webinar will be hosted by Rich, Co-Founder of Product Gym. 

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