San Francisco Events

San Francisco Events

Product Gym is finally making its way the West Coast this year! Unlike many other product management events you will find, our events are focused on delivering value to those constantly frustrated by the lack of transparency into this job and application roadmap.

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How to Job Hunt for Product Manager Roles Most Effectively - Webinar

Are you feeling pretty down right now applying for Product Manager jobs and never hearing back? Are you doing your best to network, and prepare for interviews, while maintaining your full time job? You are not alone! Job hunting is never fun and can be a very lonely and frustrating journey. This webinar is dedicated to anybody that is struggling to land their next Product Manager role right now.

Please come with your questions ready to go regarding the challenges that you are facing right now. These challenges can include:

  • Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Cover Letter

  • Crafting and Perfecting Your Product Management Pitch

  • Case Studies

  • Offer Negotiations

  • Product Manager Hiring Process

  • Is Product Management Right for You?

This webinar will be hosted by Rich, Co-Founder of Product Gym.

Approach for Solving Common Product Manager Interview Questions - Webinar

What are the most common product management interview questions? How do I answer those questions? We get those questions all of the time at Product Gym. Knowing how to answer those common questions will expedite your interview process, and allow you to focus on crafting your pitch and story in the further rounds. In this webinar, an experienced Product Manager will discuss the framework to solve those PM interview questions, and even provide several sample answers for different types of questions.


  • Framework/structure to solve common PM interview questions

  • Sample answers for different types of questions

  • Q&A session

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