Know Just Enough to Be Dangerous

The AI-Assisted Full Stack Program equips you with just enough technical knowledge to get ahead in the ever-changing world of tech.

Who is this Program for?

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Has little to no coding or technical experience

And wants to learn enough to transition to or upskill technical knowledge

Wants to increase income and earning potential

But needs an affordable option with a flexible pace and customizable timeline

Goes after promotions and better work-life balance

But needs to learn the most relevant skills and current, applicable tools

Wants to build a portfolio of practical projects

And get certified with the knowledge to be self-sufficient in the long run

One Program. Four Courses.

Our AI-Assisted Full Stack Program includes SQL Querying, Front-end & Back-end in our Development course, Systems Design, and Javascript

System Design

Understand how your information moves.

Javascript Fundamentals

Fundamental coding skills, integrated with AI.

SQL Querying

Know just enough SQL to be dangerous.

AI-Assisted Development

Build a well-designed, functional chatbot.

AI Assisted Full Stack Program Overview

Our program includes four courses with full access to our skills training curriculum.
These skills will equip you to move up the ranks at your current company, move out to a better position at a new tech company, or move over to a freelancing. Each course can be taken flexibly, at the same or different times.

AI Tools

We center AI-assisted learning to provide a foundation for the constantly evolving world of tech.

Community of Peers

Join and network with a community of over 1,500+ members who are just like you.

Live Office Hours

Sign on to our weekly Q&A sessions to connect with your peers and instructors.

Expert Led

Our instructors are industry practitioners from some of the largest, most desirable companies.

4 Courses

Access a suite of skills certificate courses at a lower cost with the AI program bundle.

8 Skill Certificates

Acquire the skills you need to do your job better, and add them to your resume.

6 Portfolio Projects

Invest in your portfolio, building proof of experience that you can take with you into your next interview.

Flex Timeline

Attend lessons set to your own timeline, and complete at your own pace.

Know just enough to be dangerous

Access all five certificate courses at a lower cost when you join the AI-Assisted Full Stack program.
Click the button below to access the bundle of courses.

Meet Your Instructors

Deepak Sharma

Senior Software Engineer
Product Gym Head Coach

Deepak has graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indrapastha University and has 15 years of Quality Assurance and Project Management experience working across Retail, Telecommunication, Entertainment, Internet/Technology Industries.

Mo Muntakim

Principal Software Engineer
Head of Faculty at Product Gym

Mo has over 15 years of expertise as a Software Engineer. Mo is also the Co-founder and CTO of Dime Media and has made significant contributions to renowned companies such as HP, Disney, Reserve, Canary, and Learnvest.

Cody Chang

Head of Product at Quadency
CEO at Product Gym

Cody has 10+ years of experience in product management. Prior to his current role as Head of Product at Quadency, he was a Senior Product Manager at Vimeo, Northwestern Mutual and an entrepreneur in various industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AI-Assisted Full Stack program is a bundle of 4 certificate courses. The bundle price for all of them is $3,000. (Each individual skills course can be purchased separately for $2,000 each.)

Good question! No, you do not need to know how to code or have previous technical experience to qualify for this program.

The AI-Assisted Full Stack program is not intended to make you a software engineer or a developer: it’s meant to teach you just enough to be dangerous, setting you ahead of your competition on the job hunt and for freelancing.

This does mean that we teach technical topics in order to get you to there, including Javascript. You will need a basic understanding of programming concepts and familiarity with web development concepts to complete the AI-Assisted Development certificate course. We provide that prerequisite knowledge in our course offerings.

We recommend you dedicate a minimum of 3 – 5 hours per week per course to successfully build your side-projects. That said, the more time you dedicate to learning, the faster you will progress through the coursework. This program is 100% flex, which means you make your own schedule and decide the timeline for yourself.

Glad you asked. This program is not an AI course: those typically involve advanced math and coding, and a high level of technical skills.

When we say AI-Assisted, what we mean is that these certificate courses leverage AI to assist you in learning skills like Retool, React, SQL, Rest API, and 3rd party app integration.

In other words, you’ll learn how to master AI tools that already exist to gain relevant technical skills, so that you can deliver more value in your chosen career with less time and effort.

This program is 100% flex, meaning you can complete all of the certificate courses in as little time as you like, or take as long as you need. We’ve estimated the ideal time at roughly 10 weeks per side project.
Life happens. If you need to pause your involvement in the program or adjust the amount of time you dedicate at any point along the way, no worries. The course you’re working on isn’t going anywhere, and the only deadlines you have are the ones you set for yourself.

To demonstrate your value to a Hiring Manager, there are two things you absolutely need: a set of in-demand skills, and the proof of experience to back them up.  That’s why this program focuses so strongly on actionable learning and real-world projects, building a portfolio that packs your resume and gives you plenty of experience to draw on in the interview process.

We’re not interested in teaching theory: these certificate courses cover what we’ve tracked as the most in-demand practical skills for tech professionals in 2024. You’ll develop those skills by practicing them, building side-projects that you can take with you into your next interview (because it’s not enough to just put SQL on your resume).

Absolutely! The AI-Assisted Full Stack Program is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to move over to lucrative freelancing.

Your freelance clients have short term, open-and-shut projects they need help with. This program provides you with all the tools you need to tackle them effectively and more quickly than your competitors. You can now help a wider variety of clients, and because you’ve mastered AI-assistance, you can close contracts more quickly and take on more of them.

Your Upwork profile is the new resume, and this program sets you up with both the skill certifications and the portfolio projects that will make it stand out.

No, Product Gym is not a bootcamp. Unlike bootcamps, Product Gym offers a fully flex timeline, online community of peers, and weekly live office hours. Our curriculum is more comprehensive than a bootcamp, and is taught by a team of over 20 subject matter experts.

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Choose a $3,000 payment plan that best fits your needs.