What is an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?

Only pay if you land a job

Other than an initial down payment, you will only pay us if you land a job that pays greater than $60,000.00.

Pay only based on your income

Your monthly payments are based on a percentage of your income once you land your job.

Stop paying after the cap

You are free from any payments once you’ve reached the cumulative cap or the payment schedule.

When is my ISA over?

Your ISA is over when one of these things happen:


You've made 12 payments


You've paid a total of $12k


It's been 2 yrs since our program


The ISA only kicks in once you're making at least $60k.

10% or 5%

Then you'll pay 10% of your income for 24 months or 5% of your income for 18 months.


The ISA is capped. You'll never pay more than $12k no matter how high your salary.


If you become unemployed, your payments pause without interest.

2 yrs

Your ISA expires after 2 years, even if you've paid nothing.

10% Off

You can choose to pay your balance upfront, for a 10% discount in the first 90 days of getting your offer

Other Options:

Income Share Agreement not for you?
That's OK - we still offer our membership at $6,000.00*

*Total membership charges are subject to change based on payment plan selected.

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