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✔️ “Product Gym was an integral part of my most recent job search. The feedback that Cody and Rich provided with respect to marketing myself as a PM and communicating like a PM was insightful, and I noticed immediate results after applying this feedback.”
Craig Smith | Senior Product Manager – Reddit | San Francisco, California

✔️ “I cannot thank the entire PG team enough, as well as the individuals I’ve been able to form lasting friendships with across the larger PG community, for believing and pushing me to strive for a career that I once thought was seemingly impossible.”
Melinda Wang | Product Manager – Xaxis | New York City, New York

✔️ “Product Gym has been one of the absolute best investments I’ve made in my career. The team has so much knowledge to share and incredible resources that helped me understand how to approach these interviews and land a job. I was skeptical when I first learned about the program but now I just wish I had joined sooner.”
Josh Neuman | Product Manager – Neuman Product Consulting | San Francisco, California

✔️ “While expensive, the ISA program allowed me to go from laid off due to Covid to negotiating a 100% remote offer in a month. Excellent prep for interviews. Frank real talk and support about the offers and the state of the market. Being able to attend both the zoom classes AND access previous sessions at anytime was really helpful in interviewing.”
Grace Heiderscheidt | Senior Product Manager – Sephora | San Francisco, California

Here's a bit about Rich...

Rich is the Co-Founder of Product Gym™, the first professional career coaching service committed to helping aspiring and veteran Product Managers transition into the Product Manager job of their dreams. Rich helped over 300 Product Gym members increase their amount of Product Manager interviews, and ultimately, convert those interviews into offers.

Previously, Rich worked as a Technical Recruiter for both CyberCoders and Workbridge Associates, where he partnered with countless companies to attract, develop, and retain their top talent.

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