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Why come to Product Gym Events?

Why come to Product Gym Events?

Product Gym’s events are all centered around PG’s mission: to equip candidates with the best resources to make the transition into Product Management.

At each of our events, you can always expect:

  • A comprehensive perspective on the past, current, and future recruiting and hiring market for product management roles in NYC and in other locations.
  • Concrete, actionable next steps that can be applied to your individual situation, irrespective of your current industry or your profession, in order to make the most successful transition into product management
  • Clear analysis on job hunting and recruiting strategies that have produced successful results and information on why some of the most touted job hunting strategies are fundamentally flawed
  • Feedback from product managers that have made a successful transition into product management without a prior product background. These people come from a similar background as you!
  • Relevant content sent to you either before or after event attendance, tailored to the topic of the event with specific applications to each piece of content

The plethora of product management events in New York City are overwhelming. By looking at the data, most of the attendees to these events are actually NOT practicing product managers, but individuals looking to transition into product management. While a majority of the events give relevant information to product managers, they lack clarity on how to actually get a product management job.

Product Gym’s events are focus on delivering value to the users that are constantly frustrated by the lack of transparency into this job transition roadmap. To stay up to date on our events and job hunting best practices, subscribe to our newsletter here.

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