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Frequently Asked Questions

As a membership community that prides itself on members getting results and finding ideal candidates, Product Gym uses the initial consultation as an opportunity to align with possible candidates’ goals and also answer some questions surrounding the PM search that we’ve encountered. While we certainly will be assessing for possible fit, we want to make sure that we can also answer preliminary questions surrounding our data on PM while making sure possible members are screened.

No. This program is not a course. We are not a school, Product Gym is a Product Management Professionals’ Association. We are a community which offers skills based classes. These classes are taught by product management instructors who share a similar career transition path with you. They are also supplemented by subject matter experts who will be your peers in the companies that you are looking to make a transition into. The curriculum is designed to teach you hands-on product management skills to equip you with the best job hunting strategies. No other course focuses on giving you product management job and the interview / job hunt skills as much as we do.

Our unique approach to hiring for product management positions is designed to to do three things:

1) Prepare newcomers or veterans with real-time, relevant knowledge in product management.
2) Ramp up on interviews in several weeks’ time.
3) Work with you to navigate the product management hiring landscape to garner multiple offers.

Our call consultation is free and we will be reviewing your resume and professional background to ensure that you are the right fit for our community. While we have had success placing many candidates, we must ensure every member admitted is serious about our program.

Professionals with at least 2+ years of relevant working experience who are looking to make a career transition are welcome to apply. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Program Coordinators. If you’re a fit for our community, we may schedule a second consultation with one of the Co-Founders to finalize the process and answer your questions.

You will learn how to brand yourself as a PM, optimize your resume, LinkedIn and cover letter for recruiters, prepare and answer first, second, onsite, and final round interview questions, and how to work with external recruiters. Additionally, you will learn product management fundamentals, including prioritizing competing product features, evaluating business success across teams and product metrics and marketing.