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What To Expect

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover on your call:

Your Situation

Roughly 90% of our members are aspiring first-time PMs coming from a diverse range of backgrounds. That said, we do heavily screen prospective members to ensure we can actually help you. On the call, we’ll chat about your background and work history to make sure the program is the best fit for you.

Current Opportunities

The Product Manager job hunt is gruelling, to say the least. As we chat about your background and career goals, we’re going to zero in on the best opportunities for growth and improvement that are unique to you. This way, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts.

Action Plan

We’re excited to hear about your career goals and aspirations. Let's discuss whether you are a match for Product Gym membership. Even if we are not a match, we will provide you with some actionable takeaways for pursuing your product management career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something before scheduling a call? Here are some answers to common questions.

We pride ourselves on members getting results. So we’re looking for ideal candidates: as such, we use the discovery call as an opportunity to understand you and your goals.

Here, we also focus on answering any questions you have about us, our processes, and our results.

To make sure it is well worth your time, we will also be providing you our best advice on what steps to take in your exact position. With or without us.

We are a membership community that offers skills based classes, career services, and exclusive network to our members. These classes are taught by product management instructors who share a similar career transition path with you. Supplementary learning material is provided by subject matter experts who will be your peers in the industry you are looking to transition into. The curriculum is designed to teach you hands-on product management skills and to equip you with the best job hunting strategies. No other program focuses on giving you product management skills and interview / job hunt skills as much as we do.

We will be reviewing your professional background, goals, and approach to gauge whether you are the right fit for our community. While we have had success placing many candidates, we must ensure every member admitted is serious about our program.

Professionals with at least 2+ years of relevant working experience who are looking to make a career transition are welcome to apply. The first step is to schedule the discovery call with our team.

Our joining fee for new members is $6,000, and all members are for life. Our join fee represents our commitment to giving you the direction, coaching, and resources you need to secure your target Product role in your timeframe.

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