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Talk to one of the Product Gym team to review your current transition strategy and get personalized advice on how to land your target product job, sooner.

What To Expect

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover on your call:

Pinpoint Challenges

Let's talk about where you are now. What are you currently trying?

Discover Opportunities

Together, let's define your opportunities for improvement and a way forward.

Share Resources

We'll recommend a range of resources and next steps to take.

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Kristy T
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Before joining Product Gym, I was lost. My experience was all over the place, I was applying for different kinds of positions to see what is out there and never really got past recruiter rounds.
Leela G
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I wanted to transition from software engineer to product manager for a while now. I attended various other boot camps. But always got stuck at finding the job part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something before scheduling a call? Here are some answers to common questions.

Yep! It’s free. We have a lot of experience in helping people break into product management so we’re happy to share what we have learned. Naturally, if our program is a fit for you, we’ll mention it too.

Product Gym is a career membership community focused on prospective and existing product managers. We provide our members a range of 20+ skills classes, coaching services and an exclusive network.

Everyone’s situation is unique and nobody has quite had the experience that you have had. However, don’t count yourself out. Many people have been in a similar situation to you and have made the change. You can too. Just ask us for specific examples, and we’ll be happy to share them! 

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