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Member Agreement with Product Gym


Member Success Agreement

This Member Success Agreement (“Agreement”), is entered into by and between Product Gym Professionals Association (“Product Gym”) and the below listed individual (“Member” or “you”), dated effective as of the date of the last party to execute. This Agreement sets forth the membership privileges, requirements, and expectations for membership in Product Gym, a professional association for networking, skills building and career advancement of product management professionals.  


Program Information

Certification Program: PRODUCT GYM

Required Hours: 40 – 60 on coursework;  20 – 60 on projects and as needed hours for system implementation

Certification Policy:

The Program is self-paced, however Members are required to complete the coursework at regular and steady intervals in order to complete the Program in a timely manner.  Failure to complete the Program prior to your Official Completion Date may result in dismissal without refund, and revocation of all Membership Privileges.

Membership Privileges

Your Membership shall commence as of your Member Start Date, and you shall enjoy lifetime Membership Privileges so long that you: (i) Submit all certification assignments on time (i.e., prior to your Official Completion Date), and (ii) maintain our Code of Conduct. Membership Privileges include:

  • Elevate your product management techniques with Product Gym’s Program.
  • Exclusive access to our Members only Mattermost directory and support channel. 
  • Members’ only job postings.
  • Invitation to Industry Focus/Lead Generation events.  These member-only events are focused solely on connecting members together for new business introductions and lead generation.
  • Access to our Exclusive Product Manager Forums.  These are periodic round table discussions with leading Product Managers to discuss strategy, structure and provide insight & access to highly sought-out industry views.
  • Lifetime scheduled coaching and mentoring sessions.
  • Be part of an ever-growing community of like-minded Product Management professionals! 

Membership Requirements – Certification 

A condition of Membership is that you successfully complete the Program and become certified prior to your Official Completion Date (as listed above).

This Program is challenging by design, and the course modules will cover the various skills, topics and traits necessary to be a successful Product Manager.  Members who do not take seriously their commitment to the Program will not succeedYOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED SUCCESS JUST BY PASSIVELY WATCHING THE PROGRAM.  TO BE SUCCESSFUL, IT IS REQUIRED (AND EXPECTED) THAT YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL COURSEWORK, FULLY UTILIZE THE SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES SHOWN TO YOU, AND PROACTIVELY USE OUR SYSTEM TO IDENTIFY, OUTREACH AND CONVERT ON YOUR TARGETED OPPORTUNITIES.

Members must complete all coursework (submitting all certification assignments) prior to their Official Completion Date, which includes submitting branding materials to ‘’ per the Member Portal details within 30 calendar days of signing up. Failure to do so may result in dismissal without refund. Certification assignments allow Product Gym’s Mentors to assess your progress through the course material, identify areas for further concentration, and to assign personalized help and coaching. Program completion requires successfully passing all certification assignments. 

Post-certification, Members who maintain Product Gym’s Code of Conduct shall maintain lifetime membership in Product Gym.  Any withdrawal from the Program prior to certification or violations of our Code of Conduct may result in revocation of your Membership Privileges. 

As a Member, you have a limited-use license to view our courses via our platform. Courses are licensed, not sold, to you. This license does not give you any right to resell or share the course in any manner (including by sharing account information with anyone other than yourself or illegally downloading the course and sharing on the internet, in-person, or through any other medium).

Specifically, Product Gym grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view the courses and associated, solely for your personal, non- commercial, educational purposes through the Program, in accordance with our terms and conditions. All other uses are expressly prohibited. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, modify, adapt, edit, create derivative works of, sublicense, or otherwise transfer or use any course unless we give you explicit permission to do so.

The Product Gym System and Getting Hired

After becoming certified, Members will use the Product Gym System to identify prospective employment opportunities of interest, and then outreach to, and apply for, job opportunities from such companies. Although you will use the techniques covered in the Product Gym System as part of your daily job duties as a Product Manager, your first implementation of the Program will be using it to secure your own job!  

This is what makes Product Gym unlike any other company out there.  We are not a  ‘placement agency’.  Rather, we teach you the skills to not only succeed in the field as a Product Manager, but also to use these same skills to identify, outreach and acquire your own job.  In fact, some Members have used the Program to get bona fide offers in fields other than Product Management.  This is what makes Membership so valuable! As the saying goes: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

It is primarily the Member’s own responsibility to strictly adhere to the Program guidelines in seeking employment. While you will receive one-on-one mentoring and assistance from your Mentor to help keep you on track, be advised that failure to properly complete your coursework, or to follow and implement the Program, will prejudice your ability to secure a qualified offer for employment and may disqualify you from a refund. 

Hereinafter called Member, reflecting Member’s enrollment into Product Gym’s Career Coaching program. This Agreement is legally binding and shall become effective upon the date it is signed by the Member. By signing, Member agrees to enroll into Product Gym’s Career Coaching program as well as to abide by Agreement.


Program Deliverables and Process

The Member agrees to:

  1. Work swiftly, promptly, and diligently to complete all assigned deliverables defined by the below: Post any and all relevant questions pertaining to the PG process in designated Mattermost Channel.
  2. Using the PG Application Tracker
  3. Posting on the Mattermost Applications Channel
  4. Posting on the Mattermost Interviews Channel
  5. Transcribe any interviews for assessment by PG’s coaches within 6 hours and posting on the Mattermost Feedback Channel
  6. Attend at least 80% of all strategy sessions hosted by PG.
  7. Apply to a minimum number of positions per week as per specified by the Product Gym Coach
  8. Adhere to the structure of PG’s job application processes, including the commitment to number of positions applied, time spent applying, and other deliverables as defined by your PG Coach.
  9. The Understanding that Product Gym does not explicitly promise or guarantee interviews, offers, or contact from recruiters or internal hiring departments of prospective companies.
  10. Take Full Responsibility – legal, reputational, or otherwise, for any final communication regarding your current or past work history, compensation, etc. as per the above Release of Liability
  11. The Understanding that Product Gym provides only consulting, guidance, and coaching. You are responsible for all deliverables that Product Gym suggests but understand that you bear all responsibilities and consequences for such services.
  12. Confidentiality of PG’s Coaches identities, processes, practices, materials, conversations, and any other work identifiable or produced during your time with PG.
  13. This service is concluded at the completion of either (1) Receipt of your first written offer OR (2) Fifty, 50, hours of coaching has elapsed.

PG uses a proven, process-driven methodology to maximize the results for its members. You understand that a lack of adherence to these processes will drastically affect the results of the services provided to you.

Failure or negligence in completing the deliverables set forth by your PG Coach will directly and negatively impact these results. Deviating from these deliverables and processes,

  • You understand that you forfeit your right to receive any refund of fees paid to your Coach.
  • Your Coach also reserves the right to terminate the relationship and service at anytime upon evaluation of negligent deliverables.

Code of Conduct

To ensure your success, we have outlined guiding principles all Members are expected to follow:

  1. Accountability – Product Gym expects all Members to be on-time to all scheduled meetings, appointments, job interviews, and other scheduled obligations. Accountability means following through with your commitments, promises, and showing respect for other peoples’ time.  Until the termination of this agreement, any communication received from Product Gym must be responded to within 24 hours (except during non-business days).
  2. Complete All CourseworkProduct Gym expects Members to timely complete all assignments given as part of the course. Repetition is key to solidifying the foundation of knowledge. 
  3. Ask for HelpProduct Gym encourages Members to proactively reach out to their instructors, coaches, or other Members for help. The Product Gym alumni community is a strong network of like-minded professionals who are willing to go out of their way to assist one another.  This is one of the key benefits of membership.  Take advantage of this support network!
  4. RespectProduct Gym Members and staff have diverse backgrounds. Members are expected to contribute to creating a positive experience for everyone by being respectful, tolerant, and open-minded. Product Gym strives for a welcoming place to learn with encouragement, support, and active listening. Members are likewise expected to respect Product Gym’s intellectual property. Members may not make any unauthorized copy or use of the Program, or use Product Gym’s trademarks, names, copyrights, or designations in any promotion or publication without our express permission.
  5. ProfessionalismProduct Gym is a professional environment. Punctuality, timeliness, accountability, and open communication are crucial, not only for your success at Product Gym, but also in your career.  Professionalism includes an expectation that you promptly respond to emails/calls from your Mentor or potential employers, do not miss any applicable deadlines, and respond to all job interview requests.  
  6. Attendance and Tardiness – Consistent attendance is essential for members to be successful in the program. Additionally, since members work directly, one-on-one with their coach, if a member misses their coaching sessions with their coach, the coach loses an opportunity to help another member during that same time. Product Gym makes no distinctions between tardiness and absence. There are no excused/unexcused absences; an absence for whatever reason, no matter how justified, reduces the amount of coaching time by the same amount. In the rare circumstance that an absence is excused, this does not waive Product Gym’s right to fully enforce its attendance policy. Product Gym should be informed if the Member will be late or absent. If the Member will be late or absent, they must email/text/call Product Gym or their coach with at least a 6 hour notice. If Product Gym does not receive such notice, the member may be assigned a strike for failure to notify.
  7. No Harassment Product Gym is a place to learn. We aim to create an environment of mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, oppression, and exploitation. Members and staff must be able to work and learn in a safe, yet stimulating atmosphere. As such, Product Gym will not tolerate any form of harassment, verbal or physical conduct, designed to threaten or intimidate others, which includes but is not limited to the following: verbal harassment, comments that are offensive or unwelcome regarding a person’s nationality, origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, body, disability or appearance, epithets, slurs and negative stereotyping. Nonverbal harassment includes distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles or shows hostility, aversion or disrespect toward an individual or group because of national origin, race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, appearance, disability, sexual identity, marital or other protected status.
  8. 3 Strike Policy:  Product Gym believes in giving its Members a second (and even third) chance. That is why, for non-material or excusable conduct, we will do our best to accommodate a ‘3 strike policy’ prior to dismissal for violations of our Code of Conduct.  Our 3 strike policy includes failure to duly and timely respond to communication requests, whether sent to you via text, email, or phone-call.  Moreover, harmful, dangerous, or material misconduct, will not be tolerated and may result in the automatic dismissal and loss of membership privileges on the first-occurrence.  

Dismissal and Refund Policy


  • Dismissal


Violations of our Code of Conduct may result in your dismissal from the Program, in which case, you will not receive a refund of your Membership Dues or your ISA Contract will not be canceled (as applicable).  


  • Cancellation/Refund:  


All deposits and payments are final and will not be refunded after payment is submitted.


Confidentiality & Limited License for Use

Member shall not, in any fashion, form, or manner, either directly or indirectly (i) divulge, disclose, or communicate to any person, firm, or corporation in any manner whatsoever any information of any kind, nature, or description concerning any matters affecting or relating to the Program, Product Gym’s business, membership, its manner of operation, or its plans, strategies, processes, or other information of any kind, nature, or description, or the Content, (“Confidential Information”), (ii) duplicate or replicate any Confidential Information for personal retention, (iii) use Confidential Information other than solely permitted herein, or (iv) assist a third party to circumvent, or directly circumvent, Product Gym’s business strategies.

During, and for a period of 12 months following the term of this Agreement, Member will not by itself or through an affiliate, partner, consultant, agent, coventurer or otherwise compete directly or indirectly with Product Gym by providing services of the same kind as the Program.  Member understands and acknowledges that all intellectual property rights in the Program, including but not limited to the material provided through the curriculum to Member, belong to Product Gym. Member agrees not to: (i) copy, reproduce, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Program; (ii) reverse engineer or decompile any technology pertaining to the Program; (iii) resell or make any commercial use of the Program; or (iv) use the Program in any manner not expressly allowed herein.  Upon termination of your Membership, you agree to return or destroy all copies of the Program in your possession. Member acknowledges that, as between Product Gym and Member, all Confidential Information and all related copyrights and other intellectual property rights, are (and at all times will be) the property of Product Gym.

Governing Law 

This Agreement and any claim, controversy or dispute arising under or related to this Agreement, the relationship of the parties to this Agreement, and/or the interpretation and enforcement of the rights and duties of the parties to this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws and decisions of the State of New York, without regard to the choice of law rules thereof.  Each party irrevocably waives any and all rights it may have to demand that any action, proceeding or counterclaim arising out of or related to this agreement be tried by jury. Each party knowingly and voluntarily waives its right to demand trial by jury. 


Each party agrees that the electronic signatures of the parties included in this Agreement are intended to authenticate this writing and to have the same force and effect as manual signatures.  “Electronic Signature” means any electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed and adopted by a party with the intent to sign such record, pursuant to the New York Electronic Signatures and Records Act (N.Y. State Tech. §§ 301-309) as amended from time to time.

Disclosure Statement

The undersigned member fully understands that this program is NOT licensed by the New York State Education Department or any regulatory government agency. The coaches and programs being provided have NOT been approved and are NOT under the New York State Education Department’s jurisdiction.

Members attending candidate schools have no recourse through the Department’s member complaint process nor have any restitution available from the Tuition Reimbursement Account. The Department’s Tuition Reimbursement Account cannot be accessed by members of candidate schools. This applies regardless of whether a refund is warranted by the candidate school that it refuses to issue, or even if the candidate school closes without fulfilling its contractual obligations to the member.

Sole Arbiter

Product Gym is the sole arbiter of program rules, except as provided under state and/or Federal law. We reserve the right to add or remove rules at any time, and apply them as we see fit. The purposes of this clause is to enable flexibility with regards to the program rules.

This is not a comprehensive list of rules. The Member may receive additional instructions from coaches regarding staying on task, or showing respect to coach and others. It is important to follow these additional instructions. Failure to follow all coach instructions can result in additional strikes or dismissal.

Release of Liability

As a participant in the Product Gym Coaching Program (the “Program”), the Member knowingly and voluntarily agrees to assume any and all risks and liabilities associated with participation in this Program. In exchange for being permitted to participate in the Program, the Member agrees to the following:

I voluntarily and without reservation, and realizing the full legal significance of my action, hereby waive and release, on behalf of myself, my agents, my heirs and my estate, all claims and liabilities of whatever nature against Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, employees, agents, successors and/or assigns, including, but not limited to, claims of any injury (including death), loss, damage, accident arising from any act or omission of any entity or individual, or for any other cause whatsoever arising out of, resulting from or in connection with the above referenced Program.

Further, the Member accepts responsibility for any injury (including, but not limited to personal, injury, disability, dismemberment and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability or expense, of any kind or nature, that the Member or Members property may suffer, and agree to forever release the Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, agents, successors and/or assigns, from any liability arising from any such risks. The Member fully and voluntarily assume all risks and liability associated with any participation in the Program including, without limitation, the risk of any negligence or recklessness or failure to act, by other participants or others, and the risk of injury caused by the condition of any property, facilities or equipment used during the Program and the Member agrees to waive and forever release, on behalf of myself, my heirs, my successors and/or assigns and my estate, any claim against Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, agents, successors and/or assigns alleged to be caused by such negligent or reckless actions, or failure to act, or the condition of any property, facilities or equipment used during the Program.

The Member agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, agents, successors and/or assigns, for any and all losses, damages, expenses, claims, suits or judgments and liabilities (including any and all costs and expenses, but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements if assessed by a court of competent jurisdiction) of any nature arising out of, or in consequence of, the Member acts, words, conduct, etc. in connection with the Program including, but not limited to, damage to property, any injuries or death sustained by any person(s).

The Member understands that this section will be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.